Are you struggling to get through a rough patch at your workplace?

Your workplace should be a safe space for personal and career advancement. Apparently, there are times when some employees are subjected to unfair and illegal conditions by exploitative employers. 

Most workers lack knowledge about their workplace rights or maybe scared of opening up against their employer in fear of recrimination. 

These labour violations can lead to lost wages and benefits, missed opportunities for advancement, and unneeded stress.

Employment Disputes Resolution

Many people can expect at some stage in their careers to get legal advice from an employment solicitor. 

For any employee, it always pays to address critical issues before they become a serious issue. 

Unjust and discriminatory labour practices against employees occur in many forms, involving wrongful termination, prejudice, harassment, failure to give a reasonable accommodation, refusal of leave, employer retaliation, and wage and hour violations. 

Workers who feel they are victims of these unethical practices by their employers may not be aware of their rights or may be frightened to speak out against their employer for fear of retaliation.

How Our Employee Solicitors Can Help You?

At Deo Volente, our specialist team is a recognised leader in employment law within the UK. Our best employee solicitors are dedicated advocates for fairness in any workplace and your career. 

Our mission is to help you ensure you get rewarded fairly and continue working productively. We believe that giving your valuable time, skills, and commitment to your employer’s service is a significant element in any organisation. 

Our team of friendly solicitors at Deo Volente give expert legal consultation and services to a diversified range of clients, including unfair dismissal compensation.

We deal with a variety of civil litigation cases, including unjust labour practices against employees. 

Our qualified consultants possess the knowledge, dedication, and experience required to represent workers in a wide range of labour disputes.

You are in safe hands with us. 

If you believe you may have been a victim of unfair or illegal treatment in your workplace, do not hesitate to reach out to us today so we can advise you of the open options available. 

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By: DV Solicitors
Date: March 16, 2021

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