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Do You Belong to The Pakistani Community In the UK and need Legal Assistance?

The Pakistan-born population in the United Kingdom is the largest Pakistani community in Europe, with over 1.17 million based on the 2011 census, placing British Pakistanis as the second-largest ethnic minority population in Britain and making up the second-largest subgroup of British Asians.

The contributions of Pakistani immigrants to the business and economic standing of the UK are indisputable; there are still many obstacles that can impact an individual’s immigration to this country. 

This is further aggravated by the strict nature of U.K.-Pakistan relations and sanctions that can affect visa applications and deportations and the UK’s post-Brexit immigration rules. 

Immigrating to The UK 

Many individuals originally from Pakistan who immigrate to the UK do so to either join their existing family already living here or to settle themselves so fellow family members can join them later. Meanwhile, some Pakistanis immigrate here for studies and then seek to establish a career and permanent residence.

At Deo Volente, we value the family ties, desire for higher education, and entrepreneurial spirit showcased by Pakistani families. We extensively pursue each immigration case, involving those that accomplish the reunification of hard-working families.

Our Immigration Services Also Include:

  • Islamic Wills
  • Divorce
  • Islamic Probate
  • British Citizenship
  • Business Visa
  • Immigration & Deportation
  • Human Rights and Asylum

Whether you have a family member in Pakistan who wants to immigrate to the U.K or who is already here and may face deportation, or you have a legal case back in Pakistan, you can always reach out to us offer you legal advice as well as assistance.

How Pakistani Solicitors in The UK Can Help You?

At Deo Volente Solicitors, we strive to meet the Pakistani communities’ immigration needs within and outside the UK’s borders. With a deep understanding of Pakistani immigrants’ difficulties, our Immigration specialists of Pakistani roots are ready to help you and your family in the best way we can. 

If you currently face criminal charges that may result in your deportation, our top Immigration Solicitors in the UK from Deo Volente are prepared to fight for your ability to stay in Britain. 

To make communication way easier for our Pakistani clients, all of our experienced immigration experts speak Urdu.

Let’s make your dreams a reality. 

Through the 20+ years of experience in the dynamic world of immigration, we have sought to incorporate our ethos of giving back to the community and continued growth of services we cater to our clients, extending outside the UK’s borders.

Do you have some existing legal issues here in the UK or back home in Pakistan?

Let us take off your stress and let us handle your matters right away!

Call us today and talk to one of our friendly British-Pakistani Solicitors for a free consultation!

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