Have you been working too hard? Would you like to take a break to recharge your batteries? Perhaps it’s time you took a sabbatical.

What does sabbatical leave mean? A sabbatical leave is an extended time away from work that can last from two to 12 months. In some, it is as long as five years.

But a leave of more than three months is usually treated as a career break in service. This means your long period of service in the company will reset the moment you return.

Many people love a sabbatical or lifestyle break. About 62% of people in the United Kingdom said they would take one if possible.

People who go on a sabbatical often do so for a variety of reasons. They may take time off from work for personal development, do voluntary work, travel, study, or escape from work pressures. Others do it to care for kids or pursue a hobby.

How To Get Sabbatical Leaves in The UK

A sabbatical leave is a great time to discover new things, re-energize, make new friends, and experience new cultures.

However, unlike in other countries, a sabbatical in the UK is often unpaid. The country has no sabbatical law or sabbatical leave policy UK.

Some companies offer sabbatical programs for career growth or loyal employees who have been with the company for a long time. During a three- to six-month sabbatical, they may pay an employee 40% of their salary. Others may offer unpaid sabbaticals to cut costs.
In most cases, your unpaid sabbatical will depend on company policy. Whether or not you can go on a sabbatical could be based on the length of your service, your performance, and whether someone can take your place when you are gone.

Since a sabbatical leaves in the UK is not required by law, it can be rejected by the company. This can happen due to an employee’s poor performance, not finding anyone to do their work, or the very nature of your job (policemen and soldiers are unlikely to be permitted to go on a sabbatical).

What Precautions Should You Take Before Taking Sabbatical Leaves in The UK?

To be on the safe side, discuss the terms of your sabbatical leave in the UK with your employer. Learn how long you can take a break and return to your old job afterwards. You may be allowed to go back to the same job or return to a similar role with the same terms and conditions.

Ask for a sabbatical agreement to be signed by you and your employer before you leave. This should clearly state how long your unpaid sabbatical is, whether it can be extended, your employment contract during the break, and how long your employer is willing to wait for your return.

If you need help reviewing your sabbatical contract, get in touch with our friendly solicitors to know your rights. For more information, visit dvsolicitors.com, call 01234 350 244, or email info@dvsolicitors.com.

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