Where there is a will there is way…
By Mary'Ann Ibe, Litigation Paralegal
It seems that the Coronavirus pandemic has sent the UK into a frenzy, expecting and preparing for the worst. This is reflected in the drastic increase in the demand for wills by 76 percent. Sadly, these concerns are not unfounded as this is a stressful and worrying time for everyone.
The rate of deaths reported by the government is alarming and the reality of the possibility of losing a loved one is hitting the people of our beloved country hard as the death toll increases daily.
Law firms around the country have seen an increase in people wanting to either make or amend their will. London based deVere group, which has an online wills service says it has seen the sharp spike in inquires as people’s minds have become ‘more focused’ on financial planning because of the current Covid-19 pandemic.
Pandemic or no pandemic, the importance of having a will cannot be underestimated – and they are not just for the elderly. The current lockdown has put a spanner in the works as we are faced with the challenge of how those self-isolating will able to get the wills witnessed.
In the UK, the testator of the will is required to have two people in the same place at the same time witness them sign/endorse the document. Since the pandemic of Covid-19, the rules have been relaxed.  Yes, Solicitors will now be allowed to witness wills through the windows of homes or cars.
Tough times call for unprecedented measures. Critics have raised the question of the validation of the will still be authentic.  Signatures will still be valid as long as each party can see the other physically endorse the document from a safe distance. This does not mean that we ignore the strict process that needs to be followed and so, if persons are at all uncertain, it is important that they seek legal advice. 
To ensure that you are protected during these trying times, Deo Volente is here help you with your Will and Probate matters.  We will diligently take on your instructions, prepare your documentation and get it to you with clear and transparent steps on how to get the will notarised in accordance with the current law.
We appreciate that these are unprecedented times and we at Deo Volente solicitors wish you all good health, and that we resume to normal life as soon as practicable.  
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By: DV Solicitors
Date: April 2, 2020

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