A commercial agreement is a legally binding contract between two business entities where both are compelled to fulfill an activity or refrain from doing something. It is usually carried out in a variety of business fields, including industrial, corporate, and retail. A Commercial agreement conveys the contract terms in plain language yet also includes warranties and standard contract provisions. It is usually reviewed by a business or commercial solicitor prior to the agreement.

The Whole Process

Whilst Commercial agreement is a complex and constantly-changing area of litigation, the whole process usually requires a lot of work from identifying the parties, discussing vague terms, specifying several details of the contract, and verifying authorised signatures.It is for this primary reason why we believe that getting legal help will save you time and money. Our professional commercial agreement solicitors give consultation on a wide range of commercial agreements for various organisations. At Deo Volente, we carry through a secured but smooth service that reduces risks and guarantees your business’ interests are taken care of.

Our Specialist Team

Our specialist team works closely with our clients & executives and consultants, giving them support in negotiating and documenting often complicated commercial transactions, and offering general commercial legal advice. Our broad range of experience enables us to grasp the main issues across the full spectrum of commercial transactions, which has proven successful assistance to clients in a comprehensive range of areas, including:

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Terms and conditions

We aim to deliver transparently tailored, and proactive advice for both SMEs and large multinationals. Whether your business needs a commercial agreement reviewed or prepared, we can support you. Call us today for a confidential discussion about your requirements on your case.

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