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Dr. Keith Bothongo

Dr. Keith Bothongo

Humanity is facing a reality that we all have to accept until we have clarity on how we will all operate on the other side of the peak.

As per the Government’s announcement on Sunday 31st October 2020, we will be going into a nationwide lockdown on Thursday, 4th November 2020. To do our part in combating the virus, we have temporarily required that all our employees work remotely— as we believe it is the safest measure to contain the virus. We are also trying to minimise our physical interactions and burdens on the public at large.

Despite the adjustments, we assure our clients that we are very much business as normal. For the public’s safety, we will not host face-to-face consultations as of 4th November 2020 and will conduct over the phone or via Zoom instead..

“Our community is bigger than us”— one of the core values we live by through today in the service of our clients and the community. Deo Volente is about being sensible. We will try our best to help institute a strong community in these incredibly trying times.
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People rely on us, and we pride ourselves on our client-centered advocacy and representation.

Are you remaining open?

Yes, we are business as usual from 9.00am – 5.15pm.

Can we meet with you in person?

Unfortunately, we have suspended face-to-face meetings for the time being. However, you can still meet with us over the phone or on a video call, from the comfort of your own home.

Can I drop off documents?

You may still come to either office to drop off documents, you won’t be allowed to enter the building and must wear a face mask. 

How can we contact you?

Our lines are open as normal, you can call us on 01234 350244. You can also contact us via email to: If you need specific contact details for your Solicitor, head to the Our Team page to find out more.

Can I still move house?

Yes, in accordance with the current government guidelines the housing market will remain open. You can view houses, book moving companies, and trades people are able to enter your property*.

I have been furloughed; will this affect my mortgage offer?

This will depend on your lender but you must contact your mortgage broker or lender direct to ensure they are made aware of all changes to your circumstances. 

Can I still sell my home if it is not already advertised for sale?

Yes, please contact your chosen Estate Agent. They will inform you of all the necessary precautions you will need to take to protect yourself, your family members and any possible viewers when showing your home.

I need a home buyers survey; can I still book this?

Yes, under the current guidance the housing market is to remain open during this lockdown, this means that all parts of your conveyance will be available. All tradespeople what are vital to the process will be allowed to continue working. Please ensure that you book all tradespeople of surveyors in a timely manner to prevent delays. 

I am buying a buy to let property, am I still able to let this property during lockdown.

Yes, the market is open to both homebuyers and renters. You will be able advertise your new rental property and let it should you find a tenant.


*We recommend you book all moving companies and rental vans well in advance of your completion. This will ensure that you will that you will not be in breach of your contract and you will not be disappointed come moving day.

Are the courts still open?

Courts will continue to operate throughout the four-week period of lockdown expected to begin on 5th November. Work of the courts and tribunals will continue to be exempted from lockdown measures.

Is my hearing proceeding?

Do check with your solicitor for updates for your case however the recent guidance states that judges and magistrates must continue to make ‘full use’ of provisions for remote hearings so that cases can be dealt with as soon and as efficiently as possible.

What is the rule for children who live between two different households?

Children who live between two different households will still be able to move between parents. Nonetheless, the paramount consideration remains the same: the best interest of the children.

How do I get my will witnessed?

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, the Government has legalised a temporary amendment to the Wills Act 1837, allowing video witnessed wills and codicils during the coronavirus pandemic in England and Wales. This new policy was implemented in September 2020 and will continue in force until 30 January 2022, or as long as is considered necessary.

Who can Video-Witness a Will?

All the existing legislation still stands, and the witnesses themselves must be over 18 and must not benefit from or be married to anyone who benefits under the Will. 

How to Video-Witness a Will? 

You may use any good quality and reliable video conferencing software for this purpose. The video must be clear enough to see and hear exactly what is happening, and there must be at least two witnesses that are not named beneficiaries. Each video call should ideally be recorded, with the parties present confirming orally that they can see and understand what is happening. The Will should ideally be physically signed by all parties within 24 hours and won’t be valid until done so.

The MoJ has confirmed that Wills should still be witnessed in person wherever possible and that video witnessing must remain a last resort.


Our specialist Will solicitors are experts and can guide you through the process to ensure all procedures are followed and the Will is legally valid and free from errors.

Will my application be delayed?

The Home Office and relevant authorities are still operational, however working remotely. We can expect some delays, however, we will endeavor to keep you updated*.

*Please note if there are any issues with your VISA application, the Home Office will contact you directly.

Are VISA centres still open?

VISA centres are still open and, as far as we are aware, still operating on an appointment-by-appointment basis – this may be subject to change so we will keep you updated.

Can I still make an application?

Yes, you can still make an application – whether that is in-country or out-of-country.