If you are the owner or lessor of residential, commercial, or agricultural properties, or planning to be one, you can fairly expect to be involved in matters governed by the English property law. For example, a landlord and his tenants may enter into a contract, which could be breached by either party. Boundaries of lands may be fought over if not clearly established in the title deeds. Even something as seemingly simple as weeds could get you into trouble with the neighbours. Find yourself at the winning end of a property transaction, or a liability claim, with the aid of our expert property litigation solicitors.

Property Litigation and Property Dispute Resolution

The field of property litigation embraces a variety of property issues brought to the courts for resolution. This is resorted to by solicitors when alternative property dispute resolution, from arbitration, mediation, to negotiation cannot be had. Or in such situations when issues are too complicated, and parties cannot come to some form of extrajudicial settlement.

In some transactions, legal advice may be all that is needed, such as in drawing up of contracts, or coming up with an agreement as a preventive measure for possible property disputes. Here, property litigation and property dispute resolution are not yet required, but you may retain the services of our property lawyers so that you will be guided accordingly in your dealings.

Property Litigation Clients

A property litigation client can be anybody who owns, rents, leases, acquires, manages, or invests in and develops residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural properties. You may either be the one with a claim, or the one being complained about in a property case. Either way, you can benefit from the assistance of our experienced property lawyers who will assist you in the legal processes, and who will ascertain that
you have the best legal options.

Aside from property litigation, property solicitors can also give advice on property conveyancing, or the legal transfer from the seller to buyer of a property, either of whom may be the client.

Property Litigation Cases

The following are some of the types of property litigation cases that you may be involved in, which our competent property lawyers can handle:

1.  Landlord and tenant matters, such as, but not limited to

  • Issues arising from the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954
  • Lease negotiation and renewal
  • Sub-letting
  • Enforcement of Contracts
  • Forfeiture
  • Service charges
  • Recovery of possession
  • Removal of unauthorised occupants
  • Arrearage

2. Boundary Disputes which may be about, among others

  • Legal Boundaries
  • Boundary Agreements
  • Boundary Features
  • Easements
  • Adverse Possession
  • Trespass

3. Nuisance, maybe public or private nuisance, or specifically

  • Common Law Nuisance
  • Statutory Nuisance
  • Physical state of any premises
  • Smoke from premises.
  • Fumes or gases from private dwellings
  • Dust, steam, smell or other effluvia from industrial, or business premises
  • Insects from industrial, trade and business premises.
  • Artificial light from premises.
  • Noise and vibration from premises
  • Noise from a vehicle, machinery or equipment

4. Japanese Knotweed Disputes
5. Professional negligence relating to property
6. Property insolvency
7. Title disputes
Before finding yourself on the brink of any of these property disputes, it is best to work with our solicitors so that problem escalation can be managed. Our property lawyers have the competence and experience to handle property dispute litigation, should an action before the court be your only recourse.
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