Our specialist Divorce lawyers are highly experienced and are on hand to advise and assist with Divorce matters of any kind, including finances, children and property. We will help guide you through all the necessary steps to move forward with your life.

Firstly, you will need to check that you are eligible to get divorced. We can let you know if you meet the criteria by considering your circumstances.

You may have children, shared assets, pensions and share a home with your spouse, all of which need careful handling, particularly if you and your spouse do not agree on matters.

To mitigate further conflict and difficulties, it is always advised that you seek out tailored divorce advice early in the process.

Our experienced divorce lawyers will advise how you can protect yourself from future legal disagreements while guiding you towards a fair settlement.

Grounds for Divorce

If you have been married for less than one year, you cannot get a Divorce. You will need to apply for what is known as a Judicial Separation.

When you apply for a divorce, you will need to prove to the court that your marriage has irretrievably broken down and cannot be saved.

We can help you decide on which of the grounds for divorce you feel is suitable and discuss what evidence you will need to support your claim.

In 2021 there is an alternative ‘no fault’ ground you can use as well. Until then you must use of the following Five Grounds of Divorce:

Grounds for Divorce

  1. Adultery – The Respondent has committed adultery and the Petitioner/Applicant finds it intolerable to live with the Respondent.
  2. Unreasonable Behavior – The Respondent has behaved in such a way that the Petitioner/Applicant cannot reasonably be expected to live with the Respondent.
  3. Desertion – The Respondent has deserted the Petitioner/Applicant for a continuous period of at least two years immediately preceding the presentation of this petition/application.
  4. Separated For 2 Years and Consent – The parties to the marriage/civil partnership must have lived apart for a continuous period of at least two years and the Respondent consents to a decree/order being granted.
  5. Separated For 5 Years – The parties to the marriage/civil partnership must have lived apart for a continuous period of at least five years.

Before Applying

Before you apply for a divorce, you and your ex-partner should discuss the following:

  • Arrangements for looking after any children
  • Child maintenance payments for any children
  • How to divide your money and property

The Process

There are five key stages in the divorce process. These are as follows:

  1. Decide on the legal reasons and grounds to apply for divorce
  2. Complete a divorce petition – This can be done with your solicitor and we will discuss
    what needs to be included in the paperwork with you.
  3. Submit the petition to a divorce centre either online or by post with thecorrect court fee
  4. Apply for a decree nisi (once the petition is acknowledged by your spouse)
  5. Apply for a decree absolute (6 weeks after you have the decree nisi)

It is important to note that the act of divorce itself does finalise the financial relationship between you and your partner.

To separate your finances, you must reach a financial settlement which is a legally binding decision on how assets and wealth will be split after the marriage has ended.

Arrangements for children will need to be made if required and these are also dealt with separately to the divorce.

It is always preferable for the parties to remain as amicable as possible to ensure that the divorce proceeds without delay or complication.

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How Long Does the Process Take?

How long a divorce takes to complete can vary and will be based on the circumstances of your matter including any mediation talks or disagreements. On average, the divorce process in England and Wales takes between four to six months to conclude.


The cost of a divorce depends on how complicated matters are and if your ex-partner and you agree on various issues.

The longer a divorce process continues, the more costly it will be and in cases where there are financial and/or child arrangements to work out, our costs will vary depending on the complexity of the issues and if additional court proceedings are required.

It is always advisable to contact us for an initial discussion. That initial contact is a crucial step to ensure that you make an informed decision and know what is involved and how long the process will take.

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