Innovator Visa

The 'Innovator Visa' assists experienced entrepreneurs to establish new businesses in the UK. A business person is required to have access to £50,000 for business investment. The endorsed body must approve the feasible and innovative business idea. We have an expert team of professionals ready to assist you with your innovator visa application.

The UK Innovator Visa, formerly known as Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa, came into existence in April 2019. The following category assists people who are willing to invest £50000 and start a business in the UK. 

The applicant must need to be at least 18 years old to apply for Innovator Visa. The validity period for Innovator visas is normally 3 years and can be further extended for 3 years. Upon completing specified requirements regarding the UK Innovator visa, you can apply for permanent residency in the UK.

What are the Requirements for Innovator Visa?

People interested in acquiring Tier 1 UK Innovator visas to start a business in the UK must comply with the following requirements.
The applicant must be compliant with certain specifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have at least £50,000 ready for business investment in the UK or has already invested £50,000 in UK business.
  • For the case of a new business venture, your business idea should be feasible, scalable, and must be approved by endorsing body in the UK.
  • For the initial application regarding the continuation of your same business venture, endorsement from an approved UK body is required.
  • There should be dominant achievements accomplished regarding your business plan.
  • You must be registered as a Director or Member of your Business.
  • Your business is active, trading, and sustainable for 12 months.
  • Allotment of your endorsement letter should be no more than 3 months before the Innovator visa application.
  • Qualified in the English Language to a minimum CEFR Level B2 (equal to IELTS 5.5 in reading, writing, listening, and speaking)
  • If you are from the outside UK or living in the UK for 12 months, then you must have £1270 to support yourself, an additional £285 for a dependent partner, £315 for the first child & £200 for every additional child.
  • The applicant must be in good mental health and should have a clean criminal record.
Multiple applicants can form a team and apply for endorsement to be co-directors of the same company. But each applicant still needs to be able to demonstrate that they have £50,000 to invest.

What is the Difference Between an Innovator Visa and a Start-up Visa?

The Start-up Visa is another type of visa for entrepreneurs. However, this visa is for less experienced entrepreneurs who are classed as high potential but do not have any funds to invest.

Start-Up Visa

  1. No need for applicants to invest in their business
  2. Applicant must not have priorly set up a business in the UK
  3. Eligible candidates can stay in the UK for 2 years
  4. Successful applicants can bring family members
  5. Can take work outside of their business to support themselves
  6. The Start-up visa cannot be extended

Innovator Visa

  1. Applicants need an amount equivalent to £50,000 to invest in their business
  2. Eligible only if there has a business setup in past within the UK
  3. Successful applicants can stay for three years in the UK
  4. Successful applicants can bring family members
  5. Cannot undertake any work outside of business ventures
  6. The Innovator Visa can be extended

What is the Endorsement Criteria for a UK Innovator Visa?

You are required to present a detailed business plan to the endorsing body, together with any other documentation which is requested to prove that the visa requirements are satisfied:
  • Innovation: The applicant must have an innovative and valid business plan. Must create a competitive advantage, satisfying all the market needs.
  • Viability: TThe applicant must have an innovative and valid business plan. Must create a competitive advantage, satisfying all the market needs.
  • Scalability Your business plan presents a structured plan and potential for employment production and growth within national and international markets.

Application Fee for UK Innovator Visa

If you are applying outside the UK, the current Home Office application fee for an Innovator visa is £1,021. If you apply to switch into the Innovator visa category from within the UK, the applicable fee is £1,277.

Validity Period for UK Innovator Visa

The initial validity period for a UK Innovator visa is 3 years. There is no specified limit on the renewal of the Innovator visa. You can extend an Innovator visa for 3 years at a time.
Keeping the fact that you will have to provide endorsement commitments each time. A completed application along with supporting documents must be submitted to the diplomatic post.

As to where the diplomatic post will be in the applicant’s residence country, for people applying outside the UK, the overall time employed is 3 weeks, however, applications from inside the UK can take up to 8 weeks.

The UK Innovator visa arrangement process might be time taking to have a legit business plan in place and get the endorsement of a business idea. Each application will take its own time, based on the merits of the application.

In some cases, Home Office could present additional concerns regarding your application or supporting documents to be verified. Following such a situation, the Innovator visa application can take more than the stipulated time.

Our Expertise

We have an expert team of solicitors dealing with the UK Innovator visa and immigration services. We are proud to announce that DV Solicitors have helped over numerous cases in acquiring Innovator visa.

We understand that appropriate guidance regarding Home Office rules and policies is essential for your visa and business. Our professional team is ready to assist all innovative entrepreneurs and their businesses with Tier 1 UK Innovator Visa.

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We understand the value of your business goals and have complete knowledge of achieving the desired outcome. Our solicitors will stand by your side from submitting an Innovator visa application to assuring compliance with Home Office regulations.

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What is innovator Visa UK?
The UK Innovator Visa serves experienced entrepreneurs to establish a new business in the UK. In most cases, a business person is required to have access to £50,000 for business investment (or have priorly invested £50,000 in their business).
How do I Procure an Innovator Visa for the UK?
You must have access to £50k as an investment, to apply for a UK Innovator visa. You’ll also need to present a feasible business plan, approved by endorsing body, along with additional requirements.
Can I sponsor my own Visa UK?
Yes, there are some ways for you to be self-employed on a Tier 2 General visa. But always make sure to be sponsored via a company affiliated with the Home Office.
Can I Sponsor Someone to Come to the UK?
There are certain categories of visa types that allow you to sponsor someone to come to the UK. For example, Start-Up visa, Innovator visa, visitor visa.
Can Innovator Visa Lead to Indefinite Leave in the UK?
Certainly, there are cases where you will need to satisfy the UK Visas & Immigration general set of requirements. Once fulfilled, it can lead to indefinite leave in the UK.
How can I get an Entrepreneur visa for the UK?
An applicant needs to be over 16 years old and must score a minimum of 95 points based on the following merits:

Adequate funds ready for investment (75 points)

English language proficiency (10 points)

Capability to meet the UK maintenance specifications (10 points)
Can I Obtain a UK Work Visa Without Sponsorship?
If skilful workers desire to move to the UK, they can get the Skilled Worker visa. You can apply for the specific visa category if you are offered a skilled job in the UK. It would help if you were given a Certificate of Sponsorship from the licensed sponsor.

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