Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence

The UK Government states that having a sponsor licence to sponsor workers and students from
outside of the UK is a privilege and one that is only afforded to educational institutions and
businesses that can demonstrate an ability to follow stringent compliance rules.
Here at Deo Volente Solicitors, our Business Immigration team have experience in assisting sponsors
to navigate the complexities of sponsor licence applications and ongoing compliance requirements.
Clients often come to us for assistance in obtaining a sponsor licence or to assist with a sponsor
licence renewal. However, a sponsor has ongoing duties during the lifetime of the licence and must
remain compliant or risk losing it.

What constitutes Compliance Failing?

There are several ways in which a sponsor may fail in their compliance duties. A few examples for
student sponsors include failing to apply for and passing the annual Basic Compliance Assessment,
non-declaration of key information, assigning a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to an
ineligible student, or failure to co-operate with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI). For worker
licences, assigning a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to an individual who does not meet the
requirements for sponsorship, failing to monitor employees or reporting key changes to their
employment as well as failure to update UKVI about changes to your business would all be seen as
compliance failures.

Compliance Action

UKVI will take action when it considers that a sponsor poses, or may pose, a risk to immigration
control. There need only be reasonable suspicion for compliance action to be taken. However,
there are varying levels of action based on the severity of the issue, for example, if the breach is
isolated or minor and the sponsor is willing and able to correct it, and if the sponsor is able to make
relevant improvements. Should the breach be more serious, significant or a systematic failing, or if
UKVI believe there is a serious threat to immigration control, then UKVI could revoke the sponsor
licence and remove the sponsor from the register of sponsors.
Not only would this have a detrimental impact on the students or workers sponsored, but it is likely
to attract negative publicity for the sponsor.

How we can help?

Our team at Deo Volente Solicitors understand that even with the best intentions and systems in
place, mistakes and human error can happen. We are here to act as a safety net, providing
assurances to our clients that we will review your HR and student enrolment systems and processes
for compliance and will be ready and able to assist, should any queries come up. We know that the
process of identifying a sponsored worker or student and then helping with the process of bringing
them to the UK can be daunting and so we are able to take on key personnel roles for your licence to assist with this process, ensuring that all the relevant checks and record-keeping duties have been

Our Services

Below is a list of the services we offer our clients:

  • Advice and assistance in obtaining a sponsor licence, with advice on HR/student records
    system compliance and preparation for a Home Office visit: £2,500 - £5,000 + VAT;
  • Advice and assistance with sponsor licence renewal applications: £1,500 - £3,000 + VAT
    Fees for the below services are charged at the hourly rate of £250 per hour +VAT (unless already
    agreed as part of your engagement with us):
  • Ongoing compliance assistance including assistance with the Basic Compliance Assessment,
    Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) annual renewal, priority requests, assistance as a Level 1
    user where required to assist with drafting and assigning Confirmation of Acceptance for
    Studies (CAS)/ Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS);
  • Advising on reporting duties and Sponsor Management System (SMS) updates relating to
    sponsor, worker and student change in circumstances;
  • Drafting and/or reviewing a sponsor’s UK immigration policies, for example, “Right to Work”;
  • Reviewing immigration clauses in employment/student contracts and service agreements;
  • Providing HR training for relevant staff to include UK immigration law training on visas and
    processes, sponsor licence compliance, record keeping duties, right to study and/or work,
    level 1 and level 2 user duties and compliance.
  • Advising on the appropriate visa category for an individual and whether their dependant
    family members will be able to join them.
    Sponsor Licence Mock Audit and Report: £2,500 - £4,500 +VAT
    Our bespoke package includes the following:
  • A member of our team to attend the institution or business to conduct a mock audit;
  • Interviewing sponsor licence key personnel with questions likely to occur during a Home
    Office compliance visit;
  • Reviewing systems and record-keeping; Providing a report to confirm strengths and weaknesses, as well as areas of required
    improvement ahead of a Home Office compliance visit.

A sponsorship license enables employers with the ability to hire skilled non-EEA workers. The sponsorship license comes with great compliance responsibilities. We have helped countless businesses through sponsorship license applications. Our expert team of solicitors is highly proficient in advising regarding compliance obligations.

What is a Tier 2 Sponsorship License?

Usually recognized as a ‘Tier 2 (General)’ license, permits you to sponsor and employ experienced workers from outside of the EU. This presents an interesting opportunity to live and work in the UK.
Especially for the skilled migrants accompanied by a valid job offer from a licensed sponsor. The Tier-2 sponsorship license comes with added limitations. Generally, the sponsorship license is granted for an initial period of 4 years.
According to the sponsorship license, the employer must pay a migrant minimum of £20,800 for ‘New Entrants’. Whereas, for experienced workers, the employer shall pay £30,000.
The amount is likewise based on the position offered to the employee. The employers and HR directors need to understand that sponsor licenses come with strict compliance policies.
Failure in compliance can result in large penalties, sometimes even leading to prison sentences. We have the best team of immigration experts on board, ready to assist you with sponsorship license management.
Stay ahead of trouble with a timely update on regulation policies.

How DV Solicitors can help in Sponsorship Certificate?

Different sectors require various services based on necessities. Tier-2 Sponsorship License is highly required to recruit talent from overseas. Hence, the appropriate assistance of immigration experts is essentially required.

DV Solicitors, located in the UK, is highly specialized in dealing affairs associated with tier-2 sponsorship license. Endorsed by reputable organizations, DV Solicitors is committed to providing excellence in the delivery of reliable legal services.

We serve clients from the beginning of tier 2 sponsorship applications to attaining compliance regarding all Home Office requirements.

The Home Office requirements are getting strict regarding compliance, yet we endeavour to deliver compliance procedures for sponsor license holders.

Our specialist immigration solicitors offer the following services:

  • Advice on the sponsor license application
  • Advice regarding issuance of the certificate of Sponsorship
  • Advice concerning UK settlement for your employees
  • Assistance in initial entry and visa extension applications for your employees
  • Conducting mock Home Office audits
  • Assistance in managing sponsorship process by acting as Level 1 user and Key contact
  • Refined implementation regarding processes and procedures
  • Up-to-date information on relevant legal and procedural changes
  • Accomplish transfer of staff from overseas to the UK with convenience
  • Training & consultation on the refinement of HR process to ensure compliance with Home Office regulations.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Visa Sponsorship Certificate?

The applicant will priorly require satisfying the UK Visas and Immigration eligibility. Furthermore, to qualify for a Tier 2 Sportsperson visa, the applicant must:


  • Be recognized by the sport’s governing body as an elite sportsperson or qualified coach
  • Endorsed by the sport’s governing body
  • Have a certificate of sponsorship from their approved sponsor
  • Know English to the CEFR Level A1 (speaking and listening)
  • Hold sufficient funds to support yourself instead of relying on public funds


There exist additional criteria that may employ based on your circumstances. We will assess your situation accordingly and render advice on which requirements need to be fulfilled, including a bespoke documentation list.

How Does My Company Apply?

To apply for a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence, you will need to fill in the online application form and send it to UKVI along with the required supporting documents.

We advise drafting a strong covering letter to send with the application, which clarifies any details or relevant background information, such as corporate structures. Our team can help with this too.

In some circumstances, you could receive a visit from Home Office immigration officials who will examine your HR policies and procedures systems to check your business can meet its compliance requirements.

How to get a Sponsorship Certificate License?

To acquire a sponsor license (formerly called Tier 2 Sponsor License), you will need to follow some general practices.
  • Fill an online application form along with required supporting documents as evidence.
  • Send these documents to UKVI with a well-defined covering letter along with the application.

We highly recommend drafting an appropriate cover letter that may define complete background information regarding the company. In some cases, the Home Office may ask to present additional supporting documents such as HR processes as evidence. 

Whereas, Home Office could also host a compliance visit to the company during an assessment of the license application. The purpose is to ensure that HR policies and procedures can meet compliance requirements.

Our professional team can help you with mock audits of HR procedures to evaluate any weaknesses and take responsive measures to deal accordingly.

Benefits of a Tier 2 Sponsorship License

After an organization receives a sponsor license, they are affiliated with the Home Office as a sponsor. The organization can start issuing a Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) to skilled foreign workers meeting the standard.

To many organizations, recruiting talent from overseas is valuable for the growth and development of businesses. Due to an end to freedom of movement to the UK from the EU, a dominant proportion of the UK workforce will need sponsorship from January 2021.

For if only, they fail to acquire their status in the UK before the deadline. At DV Solicitors, we deliver remarkably expert services in acquiring and managing Tier 2 Sponsor Licenses to various organizations.

Refusal for Visa Sponsorship Certificate Application

The most important part of the “Tier 2 Certificate of Sponsorship” is the application phase. For instance, if for some reason, your application for tier 2 sponsorship is refused by Home Office. A cooling-off period will be triggered for 6 months. 

The period shall commence from the date of refusal. Due to the cooling period activation, no further tier 2 license application can be submitted at Home Office until 6 months.

Usually, if we consider that there has been a mistake regarding the refusal decision of your tier 2 sponsorship license application. We may proceed with the submission of pre-license error correction on your behalf.

If the decision still does not overturn, the only option left is to opt for judicial review. Our team of expert solicitors can help you in challenging the decision of sponsor license and court proceedings.

Renewal of Sponsorship Certificate License

The Sponsorship License is authorized for an initial period of four years. The certificate of sponsorship license can be renewed through the end of the fourth year. 

If the organization wishes to proceed with the license and recruiting talent from non-EEA, they can opt for license renewal. We advise clients from tier 2 guidance to managing and extending sponsorship licenses.

The mock audits ensure that the organization is compliant with the compulsory obligations set forth by Home Office. We can advise on all aspects governing the sponsor license renewal process. Also ensuring that corporate clients comply with mandatory requirements before applying.

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People rely on us, and we pride ourselves on our client-centred advocacy and representation.

Our Expertise

DV Solicitors has the best professional team of solicitors, experts in managing legal affairs associated with Tier 2 Sponsorship license.

Our Tier 2 Sponsorship License solicitors will provide complete assistance through the process of your visa application. Based on evaluation of your circumstantial situation, our experts will furnish advice and options accordingly.

Legal advice before the submission of a visa sponsorship license is vital to avoid any hurdles. We completely understand that Tier 2 Sponsorship License is essential to accommodate your business requirements.

Why Choose Us?

DV Solicitors is recognized for delivering excellence when it comes to legal affairs. Our team of solicitors is an expert at dealing with affairs regarding visa matters.

The solicitors will guide you through all aspects of immigration and are ideally positioned to explain complexities. Equipped with years of expertise and knowledge, our specialists are always ready to assist you with your legal obstacles.

We have helped many individuals across the country through a sensitive and complex process of visa applications.

How to Get in Contact

Please call us on 01234 350 244 or email us at for further information and advice about our family visa application services. We will happily provide you with a free initial discussion about your individual circumstances.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Tier 2 sponsorship?
A tier 2 visa sponsorship is an organization license to recruit skilled workers from outside the UK. The recruited skilled person must have a certificate of sponsorship (CoS).
How to Get Tier 2 Sponsorship?
The process requires submission of application, along with supporting documents as evidence to the Home Office.
How to Apply for Tier 2 Sponsorship?
Follow these simple steps to apply for the Tier 2 Sponsorship Certificate:
- Fill an online application form along with required supporting documents as evidence.
- Send these documents to UKVI with a well-defined covering letter along with the application.
What is a Sponsor License?
A sponsor license allows companies based in the UK to hire workers from overseas. The applicants can switch from most of the other visa types into skilled worker visas.
How Much Does a Sponsor License Application Cost?
The cost varies based on the type and size of the organization. The ‘medium’ and ‘large’ organizations pay around a sponsor license fee of £1,476.
What is a sponsor license rating?
There are mainly two sponsor license rating classified as:
- A-rating
- B-rating
If you are successful in achieving a sponsorship license, you will get an A rating. But if Home The office found your organization non-compliant with regulations, they can downgrade organizations from A-rating to B-rating.
What are Certificates of Sponsorship?
It is defined as an electronic document created on the Sponsor Management System (SMS) after a license is awarded. There are two main categories.
- Defined CoS
- Undefined CoS
What is the Processing Time for a Sponsor License Application?
The standard time duration for processing is 8 weeks. During the processing time, you can expect an audit from the Home Office to ensure compliance procedures.
What Happens if I Employ Migrant Workers Without a Sponsorship License?
It is a must to employ a worker with a valid license such as PBS dependent visa, or spouse visa. You are not allowed to hire a non-settled worker without a sponsorship license. Failure in compliance can result in civil penalties, also leading to criminal convictions.
How to Get a Sponsor License Number?
The sponsor license number can be found on the decision letter declaring the approval of the license. You can also find the sponsor license number on a summary page at the Sponsor Management System (SMS).
What are the Main Workers' License Categories?
The main workers’ license categories are:
- Skilled Workers (Formerly Tier2 General)
- Intra-Company Transfer (formerly Tier2 Intra-company transfer)
- Sportsperson
- Ministers of Religion


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