Our specialist Immigration and Human Rights lawyers are highly experienced and can assist with applications and appeals on the basis that your human rights have been or are at risk of being infringed.

You may be able to make an application for leave to remain in the UK if you can evidence that your removal from the UK will be a breach of your Human Rights under the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR).
Human rights underpin every aspect of our lives, but some of the key principles involve:

  • The right to life
  • The right to a private life
  • Freedom from discrimination or harassment
  • Access to healthcare and medication

Human rights applications can be particularly complex and must be prepared with the greatest care and skill. Our specialist human rights and immigration solicitors are well placed to provide you with the advice and representation you need to make a successful human rights application.

What is a human rights application in immigration law?

The ECHR 1950, brought into English law by the Human Rights Act 1998, guarantees your most fundamental human rights, including the right to life, the right to freedom of expression and the right to liberty.

Because the Home Office is a public body, any immigration decisions decision made in respect of an individual’s entitlement to enter or remain in the UK must consider and be compatible with the principles of the ECHR.

If your application for permission to enter or to remain in the UK is refused, you may be eligible to appeal against that refusal on the basis that the decision breaches your human rights.

What does a Human Rights Immigration Lawyer do?

Our human rights lawyers have broad experience of conducting a range of cases dealing with the liberty of individuals, in both the UK courts and the European Court of Human Rights.

We have vast experience in preparing applications for the right to remain, appeals and judicial reviews to protect individual human rights in the immigration context.

We also assist and represent those who are in the UK because they face danger in their country of origin and want the UK to grant them international protection.


For individuals that are being forcibly removed from the UK through deportation after serving a criminal sentence, a human rights lawyer will liaise with criminal solicitors, draft Grounds for Appeal against your deportation and will assist you in representations against your removal or deportation in Court.

The Most Common Types of Human Rights Applications

  • An application based on the right to private and/ or family life in the context of Article
  • An application based on the right to life in the context of Article 10
  • An application based on the prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment in the context of Article 3

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Why Choose Us?

Our specialist human rights solicitors will be by your side throughout all stages of your application. They will discuss your circumstances and present you with options on how to proceed.

Legal advice should always be sought before an application is submitted, the case must be argued well and in detail to show evidence that you meet the requirements. Our solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with all types of Human Rights matters. They will expertly guide you in all aspects of your case and are ideally positioned to explain any complexities and can represent your position robustly in order to achieve your desired outcome.

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