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Family Visas

If you need help applying for a visa to be with family in the UK, our immigration lawyers can guide you through the process and provide you with the legal advice you need to make a successful application.
Family Visas UK

You want your family member or spouse to settle in UK?

If your family members or spouse come from outside the EEA and they want to come for a longer period or to settle in the UK, then they will need to apply for visas to enter and remain in the country. Our immigration solicitors understand the emotions involved in trying to bring your family members to the UK and we will therefore be by your side throughout your application. The refusal rate for family and spouse visa applicants is high. It is therefore vital to seek expert legal advice from a law firm, to ensure your UK family visa application is accepted the first time.

Types of Family & Spouse Visa

The type of visa required for an individual wishing to stay in the UK subject to eligibility on the basis that they have a family member or spouse who possesses indefinite leave to remain in the UK is known as a ‘family of a settled person visa and they are valid for 2 years and 6 months.

Before You Apply for Family Visa!

If you are thinking of applying you need to ensure that you meet all the criteria before you start the application process. If it is a spouse visa you will need to prove your relationship to your partner, that you both intend to live together as partners and that the relationship is genuine. Eligibility requirements can be lengthy and complex to qualify for a family visa, please contact us for an initial assessment to determine your eligibility, and we can discuss the options available to you based on your circumstances.

Exceptional Circumstances

There are certain exceptional circumstances for some individuals who do not meet the criteria for a UK family visa but are still allowed to apply. These circumstances will be considered based on your family members immigration status and history. Our experienced team can discuss your circumstances to find the most suitable option for you.

These exceptions occur when:

  • The applicant has a child in the UK who is a British citizen. The child must have lived in the UK for at least seven years and is unlikely to leave.
  • You can prove that you would encounter significant difficulties if you and your partner lived in a country other than the UK and that it would be excessively harsh if you were returned.
  • It would be in breach of your human rights.
Family Visa application for UK

Processing Time

Unfortunately, the application process for visas takes a long time, and if your family visa application is denied you may not be able to appeal the decision. If you are entitled to appeal a refusal, this could take even longer than the initial submission. Such an appeal can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

If you want the best chance at a successful outcome, please feel free to call our immigration solicitors for initial discussion.

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