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Deo Volente has sailed its way to a prestigious and well known name today, from beginnings which were humble yet sincere. Today, DV Solicitors is recognised as a multi-disciplined law firm providing expert counsel to all its clientele, whether they are businesses, entrepreneurs or individuals. We offer support that is strategic, as well as personal reassurance and guidance; helping you navigate any challenges you face.
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6 Things That Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

6 Things That Can Affect Your Personal Injury Claim

Making a personal injury claim is not always easy. And you’re chances of having a successful one can be sidetracked for several reasons. Here are some of them courtesy of Deo Volente (DV) Solicitors, a personal injury specialist in Bedford, United Kingdom.

The Fear That you Must Appear in Court

People who make a personal injury claim are afraid to appear in court to fight for their case. But that doesn’t always happen. Personal injury solicitors said that only 1% of claims go to trial. These often involve big claims or when the insurers feel that there’s something fishy going on. Most of the time, claimants don’t go to court. When a trial is scheduled, it is usually done before a judge, not a jury.

The Belief that Your Solicitor will Always Remember You

Don’t assume that your solicitor always thinks about your personal injury case. Remember that you’re not the only client that person has. Most likely, you are one of 200 clients he is helping, depending on the nature of the claim.

Make it a point to talk to your solicitor from time to time to check for updates and other important matters concerning your claim. If you feel your solicitor has no time for you, it’s time to look for another one.

The Fear of Asking Questions

Asking questions is normal since you’re not a lawyer – the reason you went to a solicitor in the first place. It’s your claim, after all, so you have the right to know what’s happening and where things are going. Don’t be ashamed to seek clarifications from your solicitor.

Personal injury claims can be complicated, and it’s always best to get the facts straight from your solicitor. While you may not always agree with each other, remember that a good solicitor has the expertise and experience in dealing with legal problems. He is the best person to fill you in.

Not Getting Enough Evidence

Sometimes, you have to act like a detective if you want to make a personal injury claim. This is required if you want to prove that you suffered physically or emotionally because of another person's negligence. Bring your trusty camera or mobile phone along and take snapshots of the accident scene or the cars that were involved.

Take note of the weather conditions where the accident happened. Was it rainy? Was your view obstructed by trees or bushes? Where did the other car come from? Were there any witnesses who could corroborate your claim? These pieces of evidence will go a long way in proving another person’s guilt in a personal injury claim.

Accepting What’s Offered to You Without Seeing a Specialist

In their rush to settle a claim, some insurers pay the claimants at once. While this may sound like good news, resist the temptation of taking the money immediately. See a doctor first to determine the extent of your injuries and what medicines or treatments are required to improve you. Factor in the time it will take to recover from your personal injuries before accepting the money that’s offered to you. This will give you a good idea of how much is needed to live a normal life.

The Belief That All Law Firms are Alike

If you need an operation, consult a surgeon. If you have a sick child, go to a paediatrician. The medical field has a lot of specialists who are experts in different branches of medicine.

In like manner, there are various solicitors, and no two are alike. For personal injury claims, be sure to consult a lawyer who understands your case and will give you the attention you deserve. The staff of Deo Volente (DV) Solicitors in Bedford, UK, have the credentials and expertise to solve your problem. Go to them for help.

For more information, visit dvsolicitors.com, call 01234 350 244, or email info@dvsolicitors.com.


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By: DV Solicitors
Date: August 6, 2021

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