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How Brexit is going to Affect the Immigration Policies for the UK (2021)?

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The UK’s separation from the European Union begins on 1 January 2021, introducing a new chapter and starting with an avalanche of Immigration changes. 

‘The most significant overnight change in modern commercial relations’ analysts say, as the split, better known as Brexit, has now come into force. 

Britain left the EU’s regulatory circle beginning in 2021, binding off nearly 50 years around the block.

Whilst formally disbanded, Britain went through a transition period of 11 months, following EU rules as negotiators dealt with future commercial ties.

What does Brexit mean for UK Immigration?

A lot is going on currently in the world of immigration. One of the massive transitions is the new ‘Points-Based’ Immigration System (modelling an Australian-style points-based scheme), determining who can work in the country.

The system means that applications for skilled worker visas are now judged based on a points-based system. 

To be eligible, migrants applying for a work visa to the UK will have to meet specific criteria to qualify for a successful online “e-visa.”

Applicants Need to Score at Least 70 Points

 Among the minimum requirements on the given criteria is a job offer from a qualified sponsor that matches the applicant’s skill level, at 40 points, and speaking English to earn 10 points.

Applicants must also meet other criteria based on salary, a sector within a recognised labour shortage, or holding a PhD.

Applicants can earn the remaining 20 points if they get a job offer that pays an annual salary of at least £25,600.

Moreover, the system grants 10-20 extra points to applicants holding a university doctorate or PhD in science, technology, engineering, math, or any employment offer with a labour shortage in the UK, regardless of the salary. 

The cost of applying is between £610 to £1,408, and applicants must show they have enough money to support themselves and have proof of identity.

Applications take about three weeks to find out whether they have been successful.

EU Settlement Scheme for People Already Living in The UK

EU citizens with their families already living in the UK before the post-Brexit (1 January 2021) do not have to comply with the new system but can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme. 

Citizens from the following can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK:

  • The EU (except Ireland)
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Norway
  • Switzerland

They have until 30 June 2021 to Apply

Successful applicants who have been granted settled status will be allowed to remain and live in the UK with the same benefit claims as UK citizens if they become unemployed. 

Meanwhile, Irish citizens are not required to apply to the scheme or get permission to come to the UK, as the UK and Ireland share a Common Travel Area.

Various rules apply to workers that are not part of the EU federation and EU migrants arriving in Britain post-Brexit. Those who end up unemployed must return to their home country unless they have indefinite leave to remain.

How We Can Help?

Whether you need legal guidance for your work visa or you wish to continue living in the UK, our Brexit Expert Solicitors are available to support you and your future through a successful application. 

Our immigration consultants’ team has supported thousands of individuals, businesses, and families in providing certainty in these trying times. 

At Deo Volente, we genuinely believe that your future in the UK counts on the right timing and a successful legal application. 

Talk to us today and let us give you realistic insights, as well as peace of mind. We offer a No Win No Fee funding arrangement. You do not need to pay us if the application is unsuccessful.  

We are all about value and commitment. We will support you from start to finish!


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Date: February 4, 2021

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