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How to Get a USA Business Visa from UK?

USA Business Visa

Business Visa also known as B-1 Visa is required for travellers visiting the US for business purposes. Business Visa is required when a person is not eligible for Visa-Travel under  ESTA. A person who is a VWP national can get ESTA authorization.

Main Requirements For the US Business Visa

If you are a UK citizen and you want to travel to the US on a B-1 Visa you apply for a B-1 from outside the US at the US embassy in London & consulate general in BelfastFollowings are the steps to apply for the B-1 Visa.

  1. The applicants are required to fill out DS-160 and the response must be clear, accurate and comprehensive.
  2. It is also required for the applicants to submit a photo which must comply with US Photo standards.
  3. After completing DS-160 and submitting a photo the applicants must print out the confirmation page and retain the records which must be with the applicant at the time of the Visa interview. 
  4. The last step is to pay the application fees and pick a date for the interview at the consular where you post your application.

Documents Required For USA Business Visa

In addition to the application form, the applicant has to prepare and submit supporting documents to prove eligibility for the Business Visa. The followings are the general documents that need to be submitted with the application form:

  1. DS-160 Confirmation page
  2. Visa Picture
  3. Visa interview schedule date confirmation page
  4. Statement of Account to prove sufficient funds for your visit
  5. Valid Passport or travel document with blank pages for Visa and entry stamp
  6. Previous US Visa page
  7. Proof of business activities planned during your stay in the US
  8. Details of any criminal convictions
  9. Document showing your health condition that may impact your visa eligibility
  10. Previous US Visa application refusal, denial of US entry or any deportation from the US.

The above documents need to be prepared and submitted carefully to get rid of any rejection, professional advice in this regard can help you provide enough evidence showing your eligibility & avoiding delays.

US Visa Interview Process:

It is advisable to be prepared for the interview and be on time on the scheduled date of the interview as you will not be allowed to enter the embassy 30 minutes before your scheduled time. The approximate time that you will spend in the embassy is between 2 to 3 hours.

During the interview, you will be asked certain questions for a few minutes and you will get the chance to prove your eligibility for the interview. Also, expect a full finger taken in the interview.

Expected Visa Processing Time After Interview For the US Visa:

Visa processing time merely depends on each application and the processing time may vary depending on your application. 

In the US embassy in London, after submitting an application it takes about 7 to 8 working days to return the passport with a Visa after the evidence provided in the interview for your eligibility; however, this may be delayed due to any rules or restrictions & pandemic-related issues.

Delays may also occur due to the negligence on the side of applications in submitting full application forms with complete supporting documents, the embassy may ask you for the documents which are required to make any decision.

Delays can also be caused by more complicated circumstances. If you're told at your interview that a waiver of inadmissibility is required for your visa to be processed, you'll have to wait another 7-9 months for a final decision.

Visa Waiver:

If you have a criminal record, regardless of how minor it is, how long ago it occurred, or where it occurred, you may need to file for a visa waiver in addition to your B-1 application. Employees travelling to the United States who do not want to reveal prior misdeeds to their employers but may need to request a waiver can take professional advice before requesting the waiver. 

Deo Volente Solicitors can advise you on alternative Visa options such as L-1 Visa, E-1 Visa, E-2 Visa and I-Visa which are also related to Business visits to the US.

Visa Assistance:

Keeping in view the processes involved with business travel, it's critical to get counsel and ensure that your application is well-prepared and thorough. With the B-1 category, adjudicators have a lot of leeway, so the application has to work extra hard to prove eligibility.

DV Solicitors Immigration works with companies, business owners, and employees to obtain relevant immigration permits with due care & support to go to the United States.

For assistance & help with your US business visa application, please contact us at  +44 1234 350244 or email us at info@dvsolicitors.com.


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