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Accident & Emergency Claim

An Accident and Emergency (A&E) claim is associated with any type of professional medical negligence. Accident & Emergency departments are highly specialized for delivering essential services under critical pressure. If you believe that you have suffered due to medical negligence in the accident & emergency department, you may be entitled to an accident & emergency compensation claim.
Accident & Emergency Claim

Diagnosis Mistakes Covered Under (A&E) Claims

Diagnosis is the essential element when an individual arrives at the medical facility. Failure to completely analyze the symptoms could lead to inaccurate diagnosis. The common mistakes in diagnosis are:

  • Mistakes associated with patient's medical history
  • Inaccurate assumptions regarding patient's test results
  • Neglecting the symptoms or patient's examining procedure
  • Discharging patient before complete verification of the stability

Treatment Mistakes come under (A&E) Claims

The treatment is the most critical part of the patient's medical analysis. Any medical negligence in the treatment could have fatal consequences on the patient. The Accident & Emergency claims cover the following medical negligence factor:

  • Inaccurate treatment
  • Insufficient medical care
  • Failure to identify the harm
  • Disregarding the patient
  • Delay in the surger

Compensation can you receive in (A&E) Claims

The Accident & Emergency compensation is solely based on several key factors such as:

  • Financial loss
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Physical damage
  • Future medical care
  • Effect on mental health

We believe that it is your right to get the appropriate compensation for your loss. What makes us the best out there is that we are willing to walk an extra mile for you. So, you can have a happy life afterward.

How can DV Solicitors help you with Accident & Emergency Claims?

We understand the pain & suffering associated with medical negligence. Although, no compensation could be a perfect match for that! But an A&E compensation claim can be beneficial for the future life of a victim. DV Solicitors is a highly experienced firm of legal lawyers and medical negligence experts. Over the years, we have been helping our clients with various medical negligence claims. If you have a valid claim, feel free to reach out for expert consultation and legal services. Accident & Emergency Claims Solicitors will review your case and deliver quality feedback associated with the claim.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How I can be eligible for accident & emergency claims?

Accident & emergency negligence mostly happen during diagnosis and treatment. If you have become a victim of subsequent injury or severe illness, you may be eligible for an accident & emergency compensation claim.

Many complicated issues are associated with accident & emergency claims. The top-notch categories are Diagnosis mistakes or treatment mistakes.

How to decide whether I need to make an accident & emergency claim?

Before putting up an accident and emergency compensation claim, you just need to prove that the medical professional staff was negligent.

We need to make sure that the availability of reliable evidence is in place. For that, our experts will review your case in detail and analyze the outcomes of your accident & emergency negligence claims.

What are the effects of A&E negligence?

There are various injuries and illnesses caused as a result of medical negligence. Some can be treated afterward, whereas some could have adverse effects on the life of a victim. Any type of medical negligence involved in the diagnosis and treatment include:

  • Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • Torsion
  • Meningitis
  • Aortic aneurysm
  • Fractures
  • Loss of senses
How much time is required to make the accident & emergency claim?

Usually, the conventional time mandated for the accident & emergency claim is three years, starting from the date of medical negligence. This time limit may vary across based on regional differences.

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