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Amputation Claims

The loss of a limb due to an accident, or serious injury which is entirely not your fault can sometimes lead to amputation. The amputation becomes necessary for saving the connected part of the body. For instance, if you have suffered an amputation due to the medical negligence of others. It is your right to make an amputation claim & receive considerable compensation.
Amputation Claims

What is an Amputation Compensation Claim?

An amputation compensation claim is the legal right of any individual to file against the responsible parties. Any type of medical negligence leading to the stage of amputation can be claimed through an amputation compensation claim. There are different types of amputation compensation based on the nature of the claim. Furthermore, the after-effects it has on the lives of victims are always considered before sanctioning of compensation.

What are the areas of amputation?

In general, the human body is divided into two major sections i.e, upper half & lower half. The classification of upper limb amputation is associated with the arms, fingers & hands. These are the following types of amputation associated with the upper limb amputation as mentioned below:

  • Partial shoulder amputation
  • Complete shoulder amputation
  • Amputation between the forearm & shoulder
  • Elbow amputation
  • Trans-radial amputation
  • Wrist amputation
  • Metacarpal amputation
  • Digit amputation

Although lower limb amputation is associated with amputation in lower parts of the body such as legs, feet, or toes. Lower limb amputation contains following categories:

  • Internal or external trans pelvic amputation
  • Hip amputation
  • Transfemoral amputation
  • Knee amputation
  • Transtibial amputation
  • Ankle amputation
  • Partial foot amputation
  • Toe(s) amputation

How DV Solicitors can help you with Amputation Compensation Claims?

If you think you have a slight chance of becoming the victim due to the involvement of medical negligence. Don't wait for more, reach us today or book an appointment. Our expert team of amputation compensation claim solicitors is ready to assist you with your claims. When you bring your claim to us, our expert amputation compensation solicitors review your case. After the careful assessment of your case, we present you with the best possible stances.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the types of Amputation?

The amputation can be of many types, however talking about amputations in general; there are mainly two categories.

  • Traumatic Amputation
  • Surgical Amputation
How much compensation you can receive in amputation compensation claim?

The answer to this question is directly based on certain key factors such as:

  • Part of the body
  • Loss of earnings
  • Impact on afterlife
  • Medical and rehabilitation costs
  • Extent of medical negligence
What is the average amputation compensation?

The average compensation for amputation compensation can vary based on different areas of the body. However, these are the average compensation amount:

  • Loss of limb/index or any finer (£58,100 to £85,170)
  • Loss of arm below elbow area (£90,250 to £102,890)
  • Loss of one arm (£102,890 to £128,710)
  • Loss of both arms (£225,960 to £281,520)
  • Loss of big toe (somewhere around £29,380)
  • Loss of toes (£34,270 to £52,620)
  • Loss of one foot (£78,800 to £102,890)
  • Loss of feet (£158,970 to £189,110)
  • Loss of one leg below knee region (£91,950 to £124,800)
  • Loss of one above knee region (£93,380 to £129,010)
  • Loss of both Legs (£225,960 to £264,650)
How long does an amputation compensation claim can take?

On average, you can receive amputation compensation claim in somewhere around two to four weeks. In some cases, it might take longer than the specified period. 

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