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Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

The term "Cauda Equina Syndrome" is a rare medical disorder that has devastating effects on human life. It is a medical condition in which damage to the spinal nerve root arises. Any sort of delayed diagnosis or unattended treatment in Cauda Equina syndrome can lead to permanent disability in the lower region of the body.
Cauda Equina Syndrome Claims

Victim of "Cauda Equina Syndrome"

If you have become a victim of "Cauda Equina Syndrome" due to medical negligence or lack of medical care facilities. You have a right to make a "Cauda Equina Syndrome Claim" & receive the appropriate compensation for your loss.

What are the common reasons for cauda equina syndrome?

Cauda equina syndrome can occur due to compression of nerves at the lower back. These nerves communicate messages to the lower pelvic region. The common reasons for the cauda equina syndrome include:

  • Spinal infection
  • Occurrence of tumor on the spine
  • Displaced disc
  • Fracture in the spinal region

Compensation you can receive for a cauda equina syndrome claim

The nature of the case differs from patient to patient. However, a general cauda equina syndrome claim compensation may be entitled to a minimum of £100,000 plus. Whereas there are cases where the compensation claim amount can reach up to £1 million or could also exceed.

This cauda equina syndrome claim compensation could be a bandage to your damage. Although it can never be enough for the pain and suffering- you have been through. But the compensation amount can relieve you from the financial worries, medication and assist in receiving future rehabilitation facilities.

How can DV Solicitors help you with the cauda equina syndrome?

DV Solicitors is a renowned hub for professional solicitors and compensation lawyers. Over the years, our professional lawyers are dealing with cauda equina compensation claims with excellence & perfection. If you believe that you have the right to make a claim. It is highly recommended to reach us for a free consultation. Our analysts and expert lawyers will review your claim and respond with the best possible approach.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the potential symptoms of cauda equina syndrome?

The nature of cauda equina syndrome is highly critical. Medical professionals should need to investigate the symptoms with immediate actions. The list of symptoms include:

  • Pain in the back
  • Difficulty in the urination
  • Disturbed bowel sensation and incontinence
  • Loss of sensation in the genital areas
  • Feeling numbness in the lower region, especially legs
How can you be eligible for a cauda equina syndrome claim?

If a patient contains any symptoms of cauda equina syndrome- the patient must be referred for an immediate MRI scan. After the results from MRI, the patient must be put through the surgical operation of decompression of nerves. As a result, this will relieve the patient from the unconditional pain and pressure in the spinal cord. When any medical professional makes a mistake in the timely diagnosis of the cauda equina syndrome, you are eligible to file a compensation claim.

What are the benefits of timely diagnosis and surgery for cauda equina syndrome?

For instance, if a patient is timely diagnosed with the cauda equina syndrome and is referred for surgery. In that case, there is a higher chance for a speedy recovery and fewer chances of damage. This is exactly why early diagnosis and immediate action are vital for the prevention of cauda equina syndrome.

How cauda equina syndrome compensation claim can be beneficial for you?

When you help us put your compensation claim to the concerned authorities, we make sure to deliver the best results. As the compensation claim can be put to use for countless purposes.

  • Coverage for the future medical facilities
  • Assistance in the financial burden
  • Better rehabilitation facilities
  • Support for future life

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