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Prescription Errors

If you have ever experienced a situation, where you have been prescribed improper dosage or medication that have aggravated your medical condition, you may potentially have a prescription error compensation claim.
Prescription Errors

What is a Prescription Error compensation claim?

If your medical professional has prescribed medicines or inappropriate usage, leading to disastrous consequences. You are eligible to make a prescription error compensation claim. Since the correct use of medications can boost the recovery of the individual. Although, an incorrect prescription can sometimes cast an adverse impact on the victim's health.

What are the common kinds of Prescriptions Errors?

Usually, there are multiple scenarios where prescription errors can come into place. In general, prescription errors are mainly classified into two main categories:

Prescribing Error

If you have been prescribed medication by a medical professional, the following are the main postulates to consider.

  • If your medical specialist or general physician has prescribed medication that exaggerated allergic reaction.
  • If your medical specialist has recommended you unsuitable dosage.
  • If your medical specialist has prescribed medicines, that conflicts with other medications.
  • If your medical specialist has continued prescribing medication before regular checkups.

Dispensing Error

Dispensing errors are associated with mistakes involved in the handling of medicated products. Such as:

  • If you have been delivered any wrong medication, due to a mistake in handing it over.
  • If the medical product has incorrect labels or information.
  • If you have been dispensed with an improper dosage of the medication.
What are the common kinds of Prescriptions Errors?

How DV Solicitors can help you with prescription error compensation claims?

If you have become a victim of such prescription errors, DV Solicitors are able to assist in providing you competent advice as to the merits of your claim.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much cost is required to make a prescription error claim?

If you have a prescription error claim, consult with our team of expert solicitors to get a free consultation. After the careful assessment of your claim, our prescription error solicitors will be able to guide you better about the cost.

How much can you claim for prescription error negligence?

The maximum range of prescription compensation can differ from claim to claim. As the final compensation is concluded based on several factors, such as:

  • Impact of prescription error
  • Injury or illness developed consequently
  • Medical coverage
  • Loss of earnings and other financial losses
  • Rehabilitation or Adaptation costs for immediate recovery
How much time do you have to make a prescription error medical claim?

The time limit for filing a prescription medical claim is 3 years from the date of error or three years from knowledge of the negligence.

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