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Spinal Injury Claims

Injuries have various shapes, but one of the most severe injuries includes spinal injuries. If your loved ones have become a victim to a critical category of spinal injuries due to medical negligence. The spinal injury claims can help you receive the rightful compensation for your loss. DV Solicitors have an excellent team of medical negligence lawyers on board, ready to assist you with your claims.
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Spinal Cord Injury

The one suffering from the spinal cord injury understands the pain & suffering associated with it. Though, it can be devastating for the victim and the people around them. If the spinal cord injury is a result of medical negligence due to a mistake by a medical professional. You have the right to make a spinal cord injury claim and receive equitable compensation for the distress.

Common mistakes leading to spinal cord injury claims?

We have listed some of the common mistakes that result in spinal cord injuries due to medical negligence:

  • Lack of accuracy from the facet joint injections, etc.
  • An unnecessary delay in diagnosis
  • Unprofessional surgical treatment of cauda equina syndrome
  • Ignorance in the fractures of neck & back
  • Mishaps in handling patients with neck & back injuries
  • Mistakes in spinal surgeries

How much can I claim for spinal cord injury negligence?

For every spinal injury claim, the nature of the compensation differs based on these principles.

  • Loss incurred because of spinal injury
  • Impact of spinal injury on the victim's life
  • Utilization of financial resources due to medical negligence
  • Rehabilitation and future care required for the victim

The overall compensation claim for spinal injuries may vary based on circumstantial shreds of supporting evidence & the nature of the injury claim. However, as your legal support & advisor, we aim to get you the adequate compensation that you deserve.

Why choose DV Solicitor's spinal injury experts?

We have an expert team of professional medical negligence experts (Spinal Injury Lawyers). With over years of experience in dealing with spinal injury claims. DV Solicitors has been dealing with spinal injury claims for years and have helped most victims to receive spinal injury compensation claims. Our proficient medical negligence solicitors & spinal injury lawyers are ready to walk the extra mile to help you achieve a better future life through an adequate spinal injury compensation claim.
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get help with costs before my spinal injury case concludes?

If you are suffering from the consequences of medical negligence, for sure, it will have adverse effects on the life of a victim. As you are unable to continue your work- due to spinal cord injury. And therefore, might lose your earnings. Interim payments are a kind of payment that is made prior reaching to the concluding final settlement. These payments facilitate victims to cover for the financial dependencies. Relieving from the worries for affording medical treatments & rehab facilities.

How much time do I have to make a spinal injury claim?

In general, the standard time to file a spinal injury compensation claim is of three years. Starting from the date when medical negligence occurred, or when you first become aware of the after-effects caused because of medical negligence. Still, some exceptions can be addressed based on circumstantial situations.

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