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At Deo Volente, we respect and understand the beliefs, traditions, and requirements associated with Pakistani law. We help our clients by providing everyone with the security and trust in the services that many do not have access to, keeping them updated every step of the way.

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DV Solicitors provide counseling and strategies to resolve or mitigate all matters in our client’s best interests.
Our team put together the most insightful advice to effectively handle our Pakistani clients’ most complex legal matters inside and outside the UK borders.
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Our experienced team is ready to provide you with following Pakistani law services.

Pakistani Law

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Family law

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Land Disputes

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Land and Revenue Law

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Pre-emption Law

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Passport Act Offences

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Arbitration Law

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Succession Certificates

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Financial Matters

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Property Transfers

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Power of Attorney

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We are equipped with a professional team of Lawyers and Solicitors in the United Kingdom. Our expert team of top Pakistani Solicitors serves to manage all varieties of legal affairs regarding clients and customers located in Pakistan. We understand your reservations regarding Pakistani Lawyers, which is why we have come forward to help you with the best team of UK-based Solicitors. Over several years, our team of UK-based Pakistani Solicitors has been working with dedication and commitment to produce fruitful results.

Get Expert Advice from Top Pakistani Lawyers in the UK

Our top-notch legal services are not limited to UK residents, but we are also delivering superior legal affair services for Pakistani citizens. It does not matter if you are indulged in any legal issues such as,

  1. Family Issues 
  2. Land Disputes 
  3. Property Transfers 
  4. Financial Matters 

We have a team of the best Pakistani Solicitors in the UK ready to deliver proficient services in deducing a justified solution. 

Family Issues

Family issues are raised due to an unpleasant series of events, however, they should be handled with extreme precaution and care, as the impact is beyond limits. We have professionals on board, ready to understand your situation and deduce the best possible solution instantly. 

Top Pakistani Lawyers in the UK

Land Disputes

Land Disputes are distressing, especially when you are residing in a foreign country, but with our Pakistani Solicitors in the UK, it is just a matter of time. We have helped hundreds of our clients in resolving land disputes efficiently over time.  

Property Transfer

Property transfer carries a high variation of risk in the modern era, which is why our team of expert Pakistani Solicitors in the UK assists you with property clearance so that your deal could be authentic and genuine. We assess your property details and clarify all sorts of doubts to prevent you from losing or facing any inconvenience. 

Financial Matters

Need help with Financial Matters? No worries, you are already in the right place. We help you configure certain parameters and support you in formulating the right decision regarding your financial matters. We will go beyond the horizon to help you resolve your financial, legal affairs. Our team of Pakistani solicitors in the UK endures the ability to deal with your financial matters in the best possible way. 

Our Team of Best Pakistani Lawyers and Solicitors in the UK

Looking for an expert Solicitor? We have the most experienced lawyers and solicitors. Among the board of other leading solicitors, Mr Qamar-ur-Rehman LLB is one of the most dignified and competent leading Solicitors in the UK, holding an extensive work experience of 25 years, particularly in the law industry.

Specialized in dealing with Islamic and Pakistani Law, managing and resolving all relevant cases with due diligence. He has been a remarkably outstanding Solicitor with a track record of numerous accomplishments in resolving legal affairs. 

Mr Rehman has been recently awarded as the best professional in business at the 8th British Muslim Awards held in 2020. During the speech at the ceremony, he assured that he had left no stone unturned, and he is progressing further with the hope to achieve many more victories. 

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Our Team of Lawyers & Solicitors in Pakistan

Need help regarding any legal affairs in Pakistan? The right choice can bend certain paths toward success. We believe in delivering righteous justice regarding our prestigious clients, exactly why we have the most talented and professional legal experts with us. 

We understand that it’s tough for you to confront any legal matter until you are completely backed up by expert legal support. Our highly qualified professional Pakistani Solicitors are enriched with the best practices to ensure progress in every aspect of legal concerns.

Mr Tanveer Iqbal and Mr Arshad Kayani are among the top leading Solicitors in Pakistan, managing numerous legal services, respectively. If you are looking for expert services regarding the resolution of your legal affairs in Pakistan, there is no better alternative than these Pakistani lawyers in the UK.

Working through critical situations, they have undoubtedly earned acknowledgement of being the best Pakistani Solicitors in the UK. 


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