British Pakistani Land Dispute Litigation

To many of us, the property stands as the most valuable asset. Dispute associated with a property can be extremely distressing if not handled precisely with expert professionalism.

A significant number of British Pakistani people are suffering from land disputes in Pakistan. The right action at the right time can help you save plenty of trouble. DV Solicitors is highly specialized in proficiently dealing with legal affairs, whether in the UK or Pakistan.

The examples of the regular claims that we assist include cases associated with easements, boundary disputes, rights of way, unlawful occupation and trespassing, damage to property, shared ownership, and beneficial ownership rights.

DV Solicitor is an expert land and property rights solicitor that usually advises clients about all types of land and property law disputes. Achieve the most beneficial and cost-effective results in the minimal time possible.


DV Solicitors is a broad range of legal services, including land disputes from minor to major categories. We offer litigation services regarding extensive management and dealing of land and property disputes. Our solicitors possess recognized experience in handling complex and controversial disputes.

We are known for delivering high-end value to our prestigious customers. Experience the satisfaction of hurdle-free operations in dealing legal affairs with DV Solicitors. Our qualified and skilled solicitors are experts at assisting in the following areas.


DV Solicitors presents an exclusive opportunity for British Pakistanis residing in the United Kingdom. Selling a property in Pakistan while being in the UK might involve many obstacles and associated disputes. Without the involvement of an authentic solicitor, the real estate of Pakistan is a minefield.

If you are a British Pakistani, thinking about selling your property in Pakistan. We have an expert team of solicitors ready to help you get started with your next deal in Pakistan. Our professional team of solicitors in Pakistan is ready to deal with any shape of conflicts, disputes, or legal affairs concerned with selling your property.

We find the right buyer for your property by inspecting the key elements associated with an authentic buyer. If you want to make your sale legally affiliated with all standard metrics in Pakistan, contact us now or schedule an appointment. We assist our customers in an effective way possible to sell property in Pakistan with convenience.


DV Solicitors are highly specialized in dealing with matters concerning land disputes. Over the years, DV Solicitors have helped numerous cases in acquiring resolution regarding land disputes. If you are willing to invest in the real estate business in Pakistan, make sure that you are fully backed by DV Solicitors.

We use our high profiled lawyers and solicitors for managing legal affairs in Pakistan. The team of expert professionals delivers extensive research related to property and fulfils legal obligations. As a solicitor, when you hire us for buying property in Pakistan, we make sure to get you the best deal in town.

It’s not just about buying; instead, it’s about the right way of buying and staying out of trouble. Our expert solicitors analyze the property’s track record, inspecting the hidden flaws so that you can buy property in Pakistan with satisfaction and contentment.


We are a group of expert solicitors aimed at achieving perfection by providing feasible litigation services in the UK & Pakistan. With over years of experience, our solicitors are looking forward to helping you achieve what rightfully belongs to you. The first thing we would be prioritizing is your preference in the concerned case.

We believe that certain aspects need to be taken care of and maintain a positive relationship with the neighbour, landlord, or tenant. Our utmost desire is to craft a solution that must meet your business goals and represent continuous productivity. Embedded with qualitative attributes of legal affairs, our solicitors are highly skilled in resolving disputes.

We are proud to present custom-tailored strategies for dispute resolution that will yield the desired outcome meeting your interests. Despite the nature of the dispute, we assure you guaranteed satisfaction in achieving resolution concerning land disputes. It does not matter how hard circumstances are, and we will find a way to achieve what rightfully belongs to you.


Over the past years, we have achieved progress in different courts, including the High Courts and Supreme Court of Pakistan. It will not be earlier to proclaim that our experienced victories in these courts are the ultimate result of our devotion and hard work.

The extensive track record of achievements explicitly defines our work style and commitment. We ensure that all relevant information must be highlighted properly to file the strongest case and leave no stone unturned


We have a breakthrough record of positive accomplishments in achieving settlements outside of court. Utilizing negotiations and alternative dispute resolution ways, such as arbitration.

The following methods aid in keeping things simpler and easier for you. On the contrary, there are stances where you might need to keep your positive relationship with the other party, and mediation is essential for such disputes. Reach us today or book an appointment with DV Solicitors to get an instant solution.

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Our solicitors are experts in Landlord and Tenant Law including possession claims and so are ideally positioned to help you evict a tenant in the quickest and most efficient way.
We have helped many landlords across the country through the complex process of making a claim.

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  • Just a fantastic team all around…professional, hard-working and responsive. Would highly recommend them to my family and friends and would not hesitate to go back for any other matters.
    Afshan Ahmed
    Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
  • We were in a state of extreme discomfort when we decided to move forward with the divorce. We were tensed about our children and all the legal affairs to deal with, but thanks to an expert team of DV Solicitors, who not only helped us move ahead, in fact, they supported with a better resolution and carried out all the required responsibilities efficiently.
    Amna Aslam
  • Thanks to DV Solicitors, I could not have done it without them. It was an immense pleasure to acquire your proficient services regarding my property dispute. I was unable to move to Pakistan either, due to personal reasons. Yet, they have handled and managed my case with superior excellence.
    Raja Sultan
  • The was the first time I personally used DV Solicitors. Toqeer was extremely efficient and professional throughout the process. He kept me updated and the service provided was of high quality. Thank you.
    Merv Hussain
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