Land and Revenue Law

Every state is governed by a set of laws, where each law holds a prominent distinctive value. Similarly, Land Revenue law is responsible for dealing with issues correlated with the land.

The land revenue law also governs the amount received on behalf of the government’s landowners in terms of the yielded profit. The Land Revenue Act 1967 defines the percentage and parameters that must be satisfied for the successful compliance of the Land Revenue law in Pakistan. If you face a dispute or need assistance with affairs associated with land revenue in Pakistan, our team of expert solicitors is all you need.

Land Revenue Services in Pakistan

DV Solicitors provide a diverse range of services concerning Land Revenue Law in Pakistan. Incorporated with the finest solicitors in town, we have been helping different clients for many years. We understand that conflicts and disputes emerging in properties are considerably distressing.

If you are a British Pakistani residing in the UK and currently facing a land dispute in Pakistan. We believe that it is better to act rather than regret with bare hands. Equipped with corporate standard knowledge and expertise, we can advise you better regarding legal operation

Power of Attorney in the United Kingdom

The property is of distinctive value towards different people. But unfortunately, sometimes conflicts associated with the real estate processes could be discomforting.
If you are a British Pakistani willing to deal in properties located in the United Kingdom, we can assure you the best-guaranteed advice if you are in Pakistan and want to give authority to someone for selling your property in the United Kingdom.
We can help you acquiring power of attorney for the United Kingdom, which will enable the successful completion of your deal. Our Solicitors are experts in managing legal affairs relevant to the sanction of power of attorney.

Power of Attorney in Pakistan

The real estate business in Pakistan is among countries with increasing profitable revenue. International residents, including ex-pats from Pakistan, are inclined towards the real estate business to a maximum extent.

If you are a British Pakistani looking forward to concluding a deal in Pakistan by giving attorney power regarding your property. We can assist you with the complete process of receiving the “Power of Attorney” letter.

Our solicitor will guide you through the proper channel so that you can make the best out of it. We have authentic representation in executing ‘Non-Litigation’ services. Now you can succeed with your real estate deal in Pakistan with an attorney letter’s assistance, exclusively with DV Solicitors. Feel free to contact us anytime, and we will be pleased to serve you.

Legal Property Document Verifications

The real estate business includes a diverse spectrum of lands. Suppose you have finally decided to purchase a property in Pakistan. We can assist you with authentic confirmation about the property by diligently examining the documentation.

As Pakistan’s property market is unfortunately contaminated with fraudulent activities, it is far better to take advice rather than confronting a loss. We have helped over numerous cases with document verification concerning properties in Pakistan.

The solicitor’s team performs extensive research on the property’s history, ensuring all required standard metrics for it to be competent and credible. Clients seeking document verification from DV Solicitors have higher chances of securing the best deal in town

Some Important FAQs

What is the Power of Attorney?
A general power of attorney corresponds to the fact that the Attorney (to whom the authority is given) may perform the additional job on behalf of the Principal. (person who gives the authority)
What is the purpose of Power of Attorney?
If you cannot travel to another country for the resolution of the matter, you can provide power of attorney to someone, for concluding official legal affairs on your behalf.
Can you get Power of Attorney in the United Kingdom?
Yes, you can acquire Power of Attorney in the United Kingdom with the aid of DV Solicitors.
Can you get Power of Attorney in Pakistan?
Yes, you can receive Power of Attorney in Pakistan to conclude official legal affairs on behalf of the Principal.
In what Stances, Power of Attorney is Required?
Yes, you can receive Power of Attorney in Pakistan to conclude official legal affairs on behalf of the Principal.
Is it Compulsory for Real Estate Documents to be Verified?
Yes, as the chance of getting caught up in unspecified loss is reduced significantly with the ‘Document Verification’ service offered by DV Solicitors.

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We have a team of expert solicitors in the UK and Pakistan, and they will help you through the verification process of your property documents and also help you receive the power of attorney in the most efficient way.
We have helped many landlords across the country through the complex process of making a claim.

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