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Deo Volente has sailed its way to a prestigious and well known name today, from beginnings which were humble yet sincere. Today, DV Solicitors is recognised as a multi-disciplined law firm providing expert counsel to all its clientele, whether they are businesses, entrepreneurs or individuals. We offer support that is strategic, as well as personal reassurance and guidance; helping you navigate any challenges you face.
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Citizenship & Naturalisation

Our specialist immigration lawyers are highly experienced in applying for Naturalisation or Registration for British Citizenship. Our team are on hand to help guide you through the process and increase your chances of success.

Apply for a British passport

Once you have full British Citizenship you are free to apply for a British passport.

We can advise on all aspects of Citizenship including, residence, eligibility requirements and the documents required to support the applications. We also advise on complex citizenship applications and queries over claims to citizenship.

British Citizenship

Unfortunately, the application process for visas takes a long time, and if your family visa application is denied you may not be able to appeal the decision. If you are entitled to appeal a refusal, this could take even longer than the initial submission. Such an appeal can take anywhere between 6 and 12 months.

If you want the best chance at a successful outcome, please feel free to call our immigration solicitors for initial discussion.

British Citizenship (1)


Registration is the way in which children can become British citizens and it is also used for adults in special circumstances. It is necessary for those over ten years old to be of good character, but it is not necessary to demonstrate knowledge of the language or of life in the UK.

There are several requirements and exceptions so it is best to speak to us about your individual circumstances so we can advise you on the best way forward.

Application Refuse

Citizenship Application Appeals

If your citizenship application is refused, we understand that this can be a stressful situation. It can be refused for various reasons and there is no automatic right to appeal this decision. However , it is possible to request a review of the decision.

Our immigration team can assist with submitting a review on your behalf. If this is ineffective, then we can advise you further about the possibility of challenging the decision via Judicial Review.

Applying for a British Passport

Once you become a British citizen, or if you are able to evidence being born British,, you are able to apply for a British passport. Often applicants who apply for their first passport may be required to attend an interview.

Our specialist solicitors can assist you with the application and interview preparation if required.

Why Choose Us?

Our specialist Immigration solicitors will be by your side throughout all stages of your Citizenship application. They will discuss your circumstances and present you with options on how to proceed.

Legal advice should always be sought before an application is submitted, the case must be argued well and in detail to show evidence that you meet the requirements.

Our solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with all types of Asylum, Human Rights, immigration and Citizenship matters. They will expertly guide you in all aspects of your case and are ideally positioned to explain any complexities and can represent your position robustly in order to achieve your desired outcome.


Virtual Assistance

At Deo Volente, our virtual assistance service provides tailored legal support remotely, ensuring efficient communication and assistance for all your legal needs.


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