Commercial debt recovery

Commercial debt recovery

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Unpaid debts hold up your business, affecting cash flow, potentially preventing payment of your staff or creditors and creating uncertainty. It is crucial for any business to ensure that those you trade with take you seriously and do not see you as an interest-free banking facility.

At Deo Volente Solicitors our debt recovery specialists are fast, efficient and get the results you need. We can handle undisputed invoice debt cases on a fixed-fee basis to deliver exceptional value for money.

For disputed or more complex cases you will be advised by commercial litigation specialists, who will thoroughly analyse your specific claim, advise you on the prospects of recovery and recommend a course of action which will get the desired result with minimum investment of time and cost.

Our extensive expertise in debt recovery means that we settle the majority of cases quickly and pre-litigation.

Our debt recovery services include:

  • Late payment of commercial debts

  • Letter before action

  • Issuing proceedings and entering judgement

  • Enforcement, including instruction of bailiffs

  • Charging orders

  • Attachment of earnings

  • Statutory demands and bankruptcy petitions

  • Winding-up petitions

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Danna Quinto
Danna Quinto

Head of Litigation

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Danna has extensive experience in general civil and family law litigation including commercial disputes, landlord/tenant matter, medical negligence, complex personal injury cases, probate disputes,  employment law, and financial dispute resolution.