Disputes with Customers

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All too often in business things do not work out as planned and you may experience a fall-out with your supplier or customer. Your supplier may have let you down with the quality of goods or services they provided or by not delivering in the agreed timescale. A customer may have refused to pay you for the product or service you supplied without a good reason.

At Deo Volente Solicitors our specialist commercial solicitors will give you a comprehensive and pragmatic advice on how to steer a dispute towards a resolution that is right for you, whether that is through negotiation or a court order. We always factor the commercial realities, such as cash flow, reputation, costs of litigation and time commitment required, into our advice. You will always receive from us a choice of practically viable solutions that you can confidently choose from.

In our experience the sooner you seek advice from a specialist commercial lawyer, the more likely you are to avoid a dispute altogether or solve one with minimum disruption. Clarifying your legal position at the earliest possible stage can often save you a great deal of heartache and cost at a later stage.

Danna Quinto
Danna Quinto
Partner & Head of Litigation
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Service FAQ

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