Trading Standards

Trading Standards

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A Trading Standards investigation can be a distressing time. The consequences of a breach can be severe and include hefty fines, damaging publicity and even prison sentences for individuals concerned.

If you or your business faces an investigation by Trading Standards officers, Competition and Markets Authority or Advertising Standards Authority, it is vital to obtain specialist legal advice from the outset to protect your position and minimize disruption to your business.

At Deo Volente Solicitors we have specialist lawyers who are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of Trading Standards and consumer protection legislation.

We will provide you with a comprehensive service including:

  • guiding you through the investigation process, including representation
    of company directors or individual traders at interviews under caution;

  • taking proactive action to prevent enforcement action through
    negotiations with the regulator;

  • helping you to prepare a compelling defense, if required, or present
    the most effective mitigation to minimize penalties;

  • representing you at court hearings;

  • advising you how to minimize adverse publicity and re-draft
    your documentation to ensure compliance going forward.

Who to contact?

We also offer preventative compliance advice such as critically assessing your existing advertising and trading practices and explaining how trading standards and consumer protection legislation applies specifically to your business.

If you are facing a trading standards investigation or prosecution, contact us for a free, confidential consultation on 01234 350 244 or email your query to

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