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Buying and Selling a house is one of the biggest investments in an individual’s life.

Everyone wants their residential process to be swift, smooth and stress free. As well as being informed and aware of what is going on during the whole transaction. We, at Deo Volente, are here to do exactly that for you. We’re here to provide you with a service wherein we will assist you every step of the way and ensure that our assistance is swift and efficient. Regardless of how many parties are involved within the transaction, we will act on our responsibilities immediately so that there is no delay in Deo Volente’s part. Our paramount aim is to always act in your best interest and to protect your interests.

Fixed Fee Conveyancing Service

Deo Volente Solicitors is here to ensure all our clients achieve that ambition for which they have come to us. We understand that Buying and Selling a house is a process which comes with a cost and can be stressful. We don’t want to add to our client’s stress and aim to keep your costs to a minimum. Bearing all this in mind, we have kept our fees as transparent as possible. Our dedicated Conveyancing team will ensure that a quotation is sent out to you as soon as possible and will assist you with any queries that you may have.

Personal Conveyancing Service

Deo Volente has grown and progressed rapidly, ever since the firm was founded in 2007, which has come from the hard work and time dedicated by our Team. The result of our efforts has resulted in an increase of dedicated customers. Despite having a well-formed client base, at Deo Volente, we ensure each and every one of our clients will get an equal amount of focus. We will always continue to deliver our high level of service towards you and your conveyancing matter.

We appreciate that completing your residential conveyance is a sensitive time, we further appreciate is it vital that every individual involved within the transaction is well informed and aware of what is going on. We will ensure that effective communication on our part is maintained throughout the whole process, this is essential for our client. Our highly experienced and dedicated Conveyancing team is here to provide you with the service you deserve. Throughout your journey, we promise to guide your through the whole process, whether you a first-time buyer or an individual who has previous Conveyancing transactions. Our team has plentiful experience in dealing with different areas of conveyancing i.e. sale, purchases, remortgage, new build conveyancing. We have effective and efficient systems to ensure that communication with you, and others, throughout the process can be painless- without any interruptions to you or your day to day activities.

Buying a home for the first time is an exciting process for oneself, and so it should be! However, embarking on this journey and taking that first step can become overwhelming.

It can be a lot to take in. Coming to Deo Volente you can be rest assured that our highly skilled Conveyancing team will guide you through and, together, we will cross the finishing line. We will ensure that you’re provided with a service that will not disappoint.

By joining hands with Deo Volente for your first-time purchase, we will ensure that you get:

· Fixed costs with no hidden fees

· A friendly and informative team that will be dealing with your matter

· You will be kept informed and updated throughout the whole process

· Specialty of dealing with Help to Buy, Help to Buy ISAs and various other schemes

Being a first-time buyer is a very difficult position to be in when you don’t know where to start. You will be curious and are guaranteed to have a plethora of questions. Contact our team today and they will answer all your important questions and provide you with a detailed explanation of the whole process.

We want our clients to be well informed and well equipped when embarking on this journey. Here at Deo Volente we want to make sure that you are given the correct advice. Contact our office today to get the best Conveyancing quote for yourself.

We have an expert team with expert knowledge

Our team are highly experienced when dealing with first time purchases. We understand that a lot of first-time purchases are associated with Help to Buy, Help to Buy ISAs and various other schemes. We will take control of your matter, you will not have to be in constant contact with your bank as we will be the direct liaison. You just simply need to inform your bank that you will be closing the account and we’ll take it from there.

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Toqeer Masud
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Service FAQ

How much will my conveyancing cost?

We work on a fixed fee basis and provide you with a quote upon your contact with us. Our fees are competitive and with no hidden charges. We will ensure that you are getting value for your money.

You can obtain a conveyancing quotation today by calling our office.

When do I need to arrange buildings insurance?

Arranging building insurance is required from the point of exchange of contracts. Unless the insurance is arranged by your lender or by the landlord in a leasehold transaction.

We will require you to provide us with a copy of your building insurance prior to exchange of contracts.

How do I find a surveyor for the property I’m buying?

Usually when purchasing with a mortgage, the lender will recommend seeking a surveyor. Locating surveyors based nearby the purchase property is not difficult. Deo Volente has details of local surveyors and will provide you with such if so required.

When should I instruct a Conveyancer?

You need to instruct a Conveyancer when you decide you’re going to buy or sell – there’s no need to wait until you’ve found a buyer for your home or a home you’d like to buy. So, if you’re looking to start the process, get in touch today. You can contact us via the Online Quotes Page, Contact Us Form or by phoning the office. The sooner we get the ball rolling, the sooner you’ll find yourself living in your dream home! We can even start work on your file straight away and get Contracts issued from the get-go.

Why should I choose Deo Volente Solicitors for my conveyancing?

What sets us apart from the rest? Why choose Deo Volente? Putting it simply, whether you’re buying, selling, or both; our aim is to make your Conveyancing process as smooth, stress-free and easy, without sacrificing on quality of service.

We specialise in Conveyancing and ensure you direct contact so you don’t have to go through a call centre to speak to the person looking after your case.

We use technology to help speed up the process – we’ll e-mail you documents via ThirdFort which makes things easier and quicker for you.

You’ll also get fixed fees and the promise of no completion, no fee so you know what to expect from the start.

Will I have to visit your offices?

Deo Volente want to make the process stress free. Therefore, we don’t require you to visit our office every time there is a document which needs your signature. Our services are flexible to be conducted remotely. Documents can be sent to you electronically which you can then scan and email back to us, send using app – ThirdFort or send by post. This makes everything sublimely easy for you. Having said that you can still visit our office if you wish to, just the way some of our clients do.

How quickly will I be able to move home if I work with you?

Usually a freehold Conveyance takes between 6 to 8 weeks and a leasehold Conveyance takes between 8 to 12 weeks.

Although we would love that every conveyancing matter completes within the given time scale. At times, this is not the case. Various factors may evolve during the course of your matter, it also depends upon everyone involved in the transaction and their readiness i.e. buyers, sellers, solicitors, mortgage lenders, landlords, management companies etc.

We will endeavor to keep you updated during the transaction. From the start of the process you will be given direct contact details of your conveyancer so you can contact your conveyancer by email or by phone and receive any update or answer any query.

How will I be kept up to date with my case?

We will ensure that you are kept informed during the whole transaction. You can also contact your Conveyancer at any time of the working day by email or phone to receive updates.

What are your opening hours and are you open at weekends or evenings?

Our office opening hours are from 9:00am – 5:15pm, Monday to Friday.

What happens if my purchase falls through and what will it cost?

We operate on no completion, no fee and if your transaction fails to exchange or complete will we not charge you- other than disbursement fees.

Conveyancing Team

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