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Removal directions will be set if you have remained beyond the expiry of your visa, you have entered the UK illegally or by means of deception and if you have failed to comply with the conditions attached to your leave.

In these particular circumstances, time is of the essence and it is highly recommended that you contact our offices to prevent your removal from the UK.

Our immediate action will be to assess the merits for challenging your removal notice and to proceed with appealing against this order. We will not hesitate and will apply to the High Court for an injunction should your case merit this, in order to prevent your removal.  With our robust approach we aim to deliver you with the best results.

We will continue to consider ways to regularize your stay in the UK whilst avoiding a ban on you from re-entering the country.

Our team of friendly and devoted solicitors will ensure that we rise above all your expectations and to achieve the best outcome for you and your family members.

Shazia Akthar
Shazia Akthar
Partner/Head of Immigration Services
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Service FAQ

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Khurshid Ali
Khurshid Ali
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