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Will FAQs

What is a will document?

It is a legal document that highlights the direct and indirect beneficiaries and inheritors of one’s property, money and other similar belongings. The property, money and possessions are transferred to the beneficiaries after the demise of the actual owner. For that very reason, it is essential to craft your will with thorough consideration. The wordings of such a crucial legal document have to be comprehensive, concise and legally effective.

Why do you need a will?

Having a well-constituted will removes the chances of family conflicts and fights over the rightful ownership and estate acquisition. The person writing the will gets the chance to make an informed decision about the caretaker of the minor children and remaining family. In case you have no direct inheritors and a will, all of your property, possession and money will go to the funds of the local government.

Who are executors of the will document?

The person writing the will document is responsible for the listing of the name of executors. A will executor is a person named by the will writer to carry out and ensure implementation of the conditions mentioned in the will document. Executors are responsible for sorting out the matters after the demise of the will writer. The responsibilities of the executor include funeral arrangements, payment of tax bills, notifying the close ones about the demise and residue estate distribution.

Where should I store my will legal documents?

Our professionals at Deo Volente Solicitors keep all your legal documents safe and secure. You can use our free-of-charge document storage services.

Can a will executor be one of the beneficiaries?

Your executor can be one of the direct or indirect beneficiaries. It could be your family member, friend or anyone who is the possible inheritor of your possessions. However, make sure the executor is of the legal age, which means he/she should be of 18 years. Another crucial aspect of will executor is to ensure the willingness of the person, whether the person is ready to be your executor or not.

Can a beneficiary be a witness during the writing of will?

The witness to will signing cannot be a direct or indirect beneficiary of your property, money and possessions. Your spouse or partner cannot be a witness to this legal process. In case any of your direct or indirect beneficiary witnesses will-making, they will be cut out of your will as per the legalities of the will making procedure.

What happens with this legal document after the demise of the will writer?

It is recommended to inform the chosen executor of the will about the will and where it is stored. You can give a copy of the will document to the executor whenever possible. It is the responsibility of the executor to find the document and take the right measures to ensure the successful distribution and implementation of the terms and conditions mentioned in the document.

In case you have entrusted the professionals of Deo Volente Solicitors, the executor is responsible for notifying us about the demise of the will writer. Our professionals will arrange the meeting and confirm the identity of the executor before handing out the original document to the executor. We keep in touch with the executor in case of the person any professional assistance and guidance in understanding the terms and conditions of the document.

Is there a possibility of my will getting challenged?

Will and other similar legal documents often have to go through the legal process and courts. Anyone could challenge the validation and legality of the will in the courts. If you have named your family members, close relative, spouse and civil partners and friends as direct and indirect inheritors, it is highly unlikely that this legal document will be challenged. In case you miss out on someone from the close relative, then make sure to talk about it with your family and close ones.

You could even write the letter to the executor of the will, clearly mentioning all the reasons for excluding certain individuals from the will and inheritance of the property, money and possession.

Will Writing Team

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Iftekhar Shah is a Head of private client and Islamic wills with an extensive experience in wills and probate matters.

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Dorothy Turner has a wealth of experience as a Solicitor, having been admitted in 1985. She can help you with Wills, Trusts and Probate matters as well as Lasting Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection work.  She also offers advice regarding family matters including child arrangements, divorce and matrimonial finances.