Danna Quinto

Managing Partner / Head of Litigation and Family Services

Managing Partner and Head of Family and Litigation at DV Solicitors

Danna is a Partner and Head of Family and Litigation at Deo Volente. With many years of handling successful cases, she is an expert in family law, dispute resolution, and civil court proceedings. She is also a specialist in medical negligence and complex personal injury cases

Personal Biography

A Multipotentialite Empowering the Filipino Community in the UK

With a robust and diverse client portfolio and a good following base on her Legal Advice Radio show in the UK, Deo Volente’s Partner and Head of Family and Litigation Department, Danna Quinto, has come a long way and got off the starting blocks early.
One of the most influential Filipino solicitors in the UK— Danna continues to inspire and work tirelessly on her legacy, even if it was not love at first sight with law. The headstrong but down-to-earth lady also advocates women empowerment and founded LawHer, a media platform for women’s unconventional journeys in the law industry.
In a fuzzy world of job ambiguity, Danna realised earlier that she wanted to have a structure in her career and a job that would thrive amidst any economic bust. She moved to the UK for further studies in 2007. Equipped with faith and grit, Danna was nineteen when she flew alone to the UK. She navigated through uncertainty in a foreign country and even landed on several restaurant jobs before transitioning into a thriving legal profession

A girl from the province

Originally from a small city in the southern part of the Philippines called Koronadal, Danna grew up simply and had an ordinary provincial life. She excelled in most of her early academic years and graduated at the top of her high school class. More interestingly, Danna grew up not fancying to be a lawyer— but a chef! When not handling cases, she enjoys cooking and engaging in endurance activities (she dabbles in rock climbing, marathons, and was once an ultramarathon finisher) to offset the repercussions of her own “feeding program.”

She recalls having developed a burning desire to pursue a career in the legal industry only until later— all thanks to a mentor who inspired and changed her entire perspective of the profession as a life-changing advocacy in helping people get off on the right foot and/or solve their problems. Danna realised that she finds paramount satisfaction by adding value to people’s lives, especially those who need it most

Journey in Law

Danna remembers working on a loss-of-an-eye medical negligence case, which catapulted her interest in specialising in clinical negligence. She also deals with serious and complex personal injury matters. She strives to assist PI clients in moving forward from life-changing injuries by seeking apt settlement packages for such clients.

She proved that resilience, empathy, and a genuine love for problem-solving (and puzzles) would get you far in this industry. She ultimately believes that she has a moral duty to pay forward the life-changing mentorship she received in her early career. This is manifested in the strong mentorship culture she promotes in her department and her commitment to serve her kababayans (Filipino countrymen) via her weekly radio show called Legal Advice Corner, geared to inform and empower the Filipino community in the UK by disseminating legal guidance on common civil or family law issues


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