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Senior Partner at DV Solicitors

Qamar-Ur-Rehman LLB, MA is Deo Volente’s founder and Senior Partner. He upholds an extensive portfolio of 25 years in the law industry. He is responsible for spearheading the firm and initiating added services to the community— reflecting the model of devotedness and care to all clients through a dedicated team.


Mr. Rehman is an expert and consultant in Business and General immigration law, Islamic wills, Finance, Inheritance.

Personal Biography

From a Village Boy to a Global Footprint

It’s a visceral memory for Qamar-Ur-Rehman: He recalls bringing a piece of rug from the house he lived in to sit on the floor because the Primary school he was attending could not afford furniture. Growing up in a less than ideal childhood, losing his parents at a tender age never ceased him from defying the odds of dreaming big and making it a reality.
It took many more years for Rehman— at the helm of his own successful and growing solicitors firm, Deo Volente Solicitors based in the UK—to finally grasp the hard work beneath his and his mother’s fingertips.

A heritage to embrace, his family is originally from Pakistani roots. His humble beginnings as a young village boy raised South of Islamabad in a small village called Hafyal— impacted his life journey. Raised by a widow with his five siblings, they all climbed their ways out of hardship, searching for a better life. He always deemed his mother his primary source of pride and inspiration— and is a firm believer that God allowed the most challenging times in his life because He was shaping him for something greater. Indeed, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Prominent in the legal industry, Qamar-Ur-Rehman LLB, MA, initially practised as an advocate and later on as a solicitor for over 19 years. Used to be a one-man-show called ‘Rehman Solicitors,’ he rebirthed his firm, now Deo Volente Solicitors, and has risen through the ranks to serve the needs of people of all walks of life thirteen years later.
Rehman was recently awarded Best Professional in Business at the 8th British Muslim Awards 2020. In his speech during the ceremony he said “It is proof enough of this mantra: I can and I will. I have and I did— I am still learning and expanding— I am always dreaming big.“ A manifestation that nothing is impossible with faith, hard work and dedication.

The art of adding value to people

His philosophy in life of adding value to people and giving back to the community played a huge role in the successful launch of his firm, Rehman Solicitors in 2007. Qamar-Ur-Rehman has built his credentials through personal referrals, reflecting his attention to detail and his successful deliverance on everyday matters requiring legal aid. Specialising in business and general immigration law, Islamic wills, finance and inheritance, Qamar-Ur-Rehman is not afraid to go the extra mile for his clients. He upholds a unique philosophy in business: “My business is my project. My project is people. People are my passion.”.

Continuing the dream

With the success of Rehman Solicitors as the foundation, Deo Volente Solicitors LLP was formed. Deo Volente Solicitors LLP provides added services to the community and mirrors the model of devotedness and care to all clients through a dedicated team that Qamar-Ur-Rehman leads with the confidence that clients will always return due to the warm yet professional service they receive. In the UK, Deo Volente Solicitors is a benefactor of the food banks and local homeless shelters in Bedford, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the local cricket team, Westfield Cricket Club, and also proud sponsors of Bedford Football Club.


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