Personal Biography

Presently, as a practicing compliance solicitor who is also an accredited independent Law Society Lexcel Assessor, Peter recently served as the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP) and Compliance Officer for Finance & Administration (COFA) and as a director of Bishop Lloyd & Jackson Solicitors, which is the second-largest firm by number of clients on the famous UK Government Grenfell Tower Enquiry (GTI).
Peter conducts independent Lexcel assessments on law firms on behalf of the Law Society of England & Wales via the UK’s premier Lexcel assessment body, the Centre For Assessment (CFA). He is also an accredited Law Society Consultant, and over the last seventeen years, has worked with hundreds of solicitors firms of all sizes providing management consultancy, compliance consultancy, Lexcel & SQM quality standard accreditation, Legal Aid contract tenders, Solicitors Regulation Authority Applications, and CPD accredited training to solicitors practices of all shapes and sizes.

In his spare time, Peter is a singer and musician and plays the guitar and the piano. He is currently learning to play the saxophone.
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