Continuing Health Care (CHC)

Our specialist lawyers are highly experienced and are on hand to advise you on applying for NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC) Funding or appealing any CHC decisions.

If you or a relative of yours has a primary health need, they may qualify for Continuing Health Care (CHC). Our experienced team can help advise and assist you with all the options depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

What is NHS Continuing Healthcare?

NHS Continuing Health Care Funding is the technical name for the free funding service provided by the NHS. It is an NHS package of funding that pays for the whole of an individual’s care costs if they have a ‘Primary Health Need’.

The care is provided over a period of time to individuals aged 18 or over to meet their physical or mental health needs that are present as a result of accident, disability, or illness.

The eligibility threshold of attaining CHC is high and therefore, individual needs to have significant ongoing healthcare needs to qualify. Funding though should be granted regardless of a persons wealth or savings.

Continuing healthcare can be provided in a range of places, including:

  • A care home
  • Hospital
  • Person’s own home

It is common for many assessments to conclude that the person is not eligible for funding which can be stressful and worrying for patients and their families.

If you disagree with the eligibility decision and want to know if you should challenge it, our specialist solicitors are on hand to discuss what your options are to move forward.

What are Eligible Health Needs?

Generally, the following are classed as ‘eligible’ health needs:

  • Mobility problems
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Rapidly deteriorating health
  • Long-term medical conditions

To determine if you are eligible you should ask your GP or social worker to arrange an assessment.

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How Do I Apply?

Usually, the assessment process will occur when you are ready to be discharged from the hospital and require a package of care.
Alternatively, if you live in the community or a care home and your health needs have increased significantly, then you can be assessed.

If granted, your eligibility will be reviewed after three months and if you are still eligible will be reviewed every year after this. It is important to consider that it is possible to lose this funding and to have to make a significant contribution to your care.

If My Application Has Been Rejected, Can I Appeal?

Yes, in certain circumstances, you can appeal the decision if:

  • You believe the eligibility criterion has not been appropriately applied; or
  • The meeting has not been properly conducted.

This can be a long and difficult process so an appeal should only be made if you think there is a strong reason for the decision to be overturned. Our specialist team is on hand to discuss and advise on all your options to move forward with your life.

How We Can Help

This is a complex area, and there’s a thorough process to go through. We work closely with you in a sensitive way to improve your chances of being eligible for CHC.
No matter what stage you are at in the process, our expert solicitors will help support you from an assessment to drafting an appeal.

We can help by offering the following expert services:

  • Assisting with the application process for CHC funding by either checking it or completing it on your behalf and advising on correspondence received
  • Reviewing applications that have been refused CHC funding and advising on the appeal process
  • Managing as much or as little of the claims process as is required
  • Dealing with the appeals stage in full, from lodging the appeal letter, up to and including an appearance at the appeal panel
  • Making case submissions to the Parliamentary Ombudsmen for those cases that have not succeeded initially or at the appeal stage

Why Choose Us?

Our solicitors are experts in drafting CHC applications and appeals.
We have helped many individuals owners across the country through the complex process of CHC funding.

How to Get in Contact

Please call us on 01234 350 244 or email us at for further information and advice about our continuing health care (CHC) services. We will happily provide you with a free initial discussion about your individual circumstances.

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