Contested probate happens typically when one or more family members (or beneficiaries/potential beneficiaries) believe that they have a claim to the estate above what they are currently on track to receive from the probate process.

Because of its complexity, many families have struggled with the stress that comes along with it. We understand you, and that’s why we’re here for you!

What is Contested Probate?

Contesting probate comes in many forms. Often, the party or parties contesting are doing so from a place of legitimacy and real concern— or as a matter of protecting the elderly’s rights, suffering from dementia or confusion in their final days. Another common circumstance is when an estranged family member or someone with a suspicious claim to the estate appears during the probate process and asks to be involved, despite not having a substantial claim to any estate.

Why the need to hire an experienced and licensed probate solicitor?

The first advisable step to take whether the probate is being contested or not— is to hire an experienced and licensed probate solicitor.
One of the many significant reasons for this is when you are the executor of the estate— you are bound by many legal requirements that can have sensitive and far-reaching repercussions if you fail to comply. Your solicitor helps keep you alongside essential deadlines and ensures that all documents submitted to the court are correctly put together.

Our team of friendly experts at DV is here to support you with the best services you need while you look after yourself. We are privileged to uphold various cases that helped many private clients and prevented them from getting into trouble at the same time.

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