Our specialist Business Will lawyers are highly experienced and are on hand assist on the complexities of Will involving business assets. We will help guide you through all the necessary steps, so your business interests are protected.

There are numerous reasons why you should make a Will, for example, the appointment of executors, trustees and guardians and making sure that the right people inherit your estate.
However, as a business owner or someone who holds a business interest, it has a significant bearing on how you should write your Will and plan your estate.
A simple Will may not be effective or adequate, therefore, a more comprehensive Business Will might be required. Several reasons for this include:

  • For certain businesses, the business might cease trading upon death. This could cause a disastrous effect on the value of the business or at least its ability to trade in the short term
  • You might wish to appoint different people to administer your business to those for your personal estate
  • For inheritance tax efficiency

Our solicitors have many years of experience in advising business owners on issues such as Inheritance Tax, succession planning, and Wills.

Business Succession Planning

The main objectives for effective business succession planning within a Will include:

Business Succession Planning

  • Addressing the personal requirements of owners
  • Ensuring a smooth transition for all – staff, family & investors
  • Ensuring the ongoing financial viability of the business
  • Ensuring the ongoing management and control of the business
  • How are business debts & personal guarantees dealt with?
  • How will the transfer of ownership be funded?
  • Maintain the equity of continuing owners
  • What are the Tax Considerations?

Sponsorship and Endorsement
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Our specialist Wills solicitors will be by your side throughout all stages of your application. They will discuss your circumstances and present you with options on how to proceed.

Legal advice should always be sought before an application is submitted, the case must be argued well and in detail to show evidence that you meet the requirements. Our solicitors have many years of experience in dealing with all types of Wills matters. They will expertly guide you in all aspects of your case and are ideally positioned to explain any complexities and can represent your position robustly in order to achieve your desired outcome.

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