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The Five Biggest Mistakes UK Veteran and Military Home Buyers Make!

Military Home Buyers

Buying a house which you can call your own is everyone’s dream. The UK Department of Veterans Affairs provides plenty of opportunities and great programs such as loans and other housing options to those who have served in the army to buy their own house.

However, getting a house loan as a veteran isn't always easy. You may have to escape your own buyer's nightmare by avoiding these blunders before you start looking for a property

Following are some of the mistakes veteran and military home buyers do while buying a house.

1- Not Using A Real Estate Agent(Va-Savvy Real Estate Agent)

If you are getting a veteran loan to buy a new house it is suggested to always involve a VA-Savvy real estate agent. The VA system is quite different from the basic system of buying a house so it is very important to hire a real estate agent who knows the VA system of buying a house. 

Buying a house VA system involves elements such as a home loan system, VA appraisal process etc. While hiring an agent the buyer should make sure that the agent is well aware of these elements because it is very important to use such an agent in the buying process.

Veteran affairs department loans have criteria & some requirements. For example, fixer-uppers and even some modern properties would not qualify) to fulfil to get a veteran housing loan. 

You'll need to select a home that fits VA home loan property standards if you're buying via the Veterans Affairs department. A veteran-friendly realtor will also be familiar with VA loan limitations, the debt-to-income ratio lenders require you to have to qualify for a house loan, and other important details.

Work with a VA-experienced real estate agent from the start to avoid the aggravation of placing an offer on a property that may not get approved or for which you may not qualify for a VA loan. Request a reference from another veteran or seek assistance from Veterans United Realty in finding the perfect real estate agent.

2- Not Communicating With Your Lender

When you initially meet with your lender, make sure to mention your military experience so you can learn about all of the benefits available to veterans.

Veterans have access to probably the most powerful home mortgage option on the market, but according to the VA, roughly 33% of house-buying veterans are unaware that they are eligible for a home mortgage benefit. 

One of the most significant advantages of a VA loan is the potential to purchase a home with no money down (yeah, we're serious). Without having to make a down payment, veterans may be able to purchase their first house years sooner than they would if they had to save for one.

Alissa Gerke, broker and owner of Select Realty Group in Columbia, MO, adds, "Veterans should ask their lender if they provide any incentives for veterans." "I've seen lenders eliminate appraisal costs, waive origination fees if the veteran has a specific credit score, and give additional lender benefits to veterans."

VA loans also offer low-interest mortgages, don't require mortgage insurance, and have more lenient credit standards. Everything will be a lot easier if your lender realises you qualify for veteran status, so speak up!

3- Forgetting About All Upcoming Expenses

VA loans have an immense amount of benefits for veteran and military home buyers. With the benefits, there are also borrower costs which the borrower has to take care of. 

Experts believe that this is the most common mistake a veteran home buyer makes when entering into the process of buying a home, they forget the closing costs and other necessary fees to buy the house. 

Even if you have little or no money down, you'll almost certainly have to pay for items like a home assessment and inspection when you buy a house. It may not seem like much in the grand scheme of things, but knowing what you'll have to pay ahead of time will help move things forward faster.

4-  Making Other Expenses Before Closing Of Deal

The buyer of the house makes big expenses before the close of the deal with the house seller. they can be excited to move into the new house and start buying those big TV and other Home appliances that they may have an eye on. Even if the lender has authorised a veteran mortgage loan, the borrower must wait until they are truly a homeowner before doing so.

A VA loan is easier to obtain than a non-VA loan, but you must still fulfil lender standards before going to the next step. 

According to experts, It's a typical error to open a line of credit or make a large purchase after a mortgage has been approved. This can typically lower a veteran's credit score and make them ineligible for the loan. 

To be safe and keep your loan on track, wait until after closing to make any further financial decisions.

5-  No Considering Buying A Home As An Investment Due To the Chances Of Relocation

Due to the chances of relocation the veteran loan borrower may think it is not a good idea to invest in the house, relocation doesn't mean that the borrowers of the veteran loan should not buy the home. Buying a house can be a good idea of smart investment. Later if you are relocated you can sell out the house at a higher price or just rent it out. 

Buying a home through a veteran home loan has many opportunities. If you are put off by the prospect of being a landlord,  A VA loan can be assumed (meaning the debt and the property can be transferred to another veteran), or the home can be sold to a non-military buyer. 

Remember, you may use your VA home loan advantages several times, allowing you to purchase both a rental property and a new house. If you are an active-duty military member, you may even refinance a VA loan. 

If you have a non-VA loan and want to raise your loan amount and tap into your home equity, or if you can receive a better interest rate with a new VA loan, you may wish to refinance.

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Date: June 24, 2022

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